Wrong meds at wrong time

Hi I have just gone through the worst time in my life. My wife hade a dose of very bad flu . She managed to pass it on to me, this sent me completely of the scale with chest coffin headache leg pain you name it it got me.
After a week or so my daughter came over took on look am me and said your taking your meds wrong, she is a nursing assistant and see this all the time. She sorted my med out to correct tablet at correct times throughout the day. Over the next week I went through hell lost the ability to walk get out of bed even going to the toilet.
I am starting to get back to my old self and learnt my lesson in taking meds at the correct times and correct tablets. Don’t ever won’t to go through that again.
Has anyone else been in this situation before and what did you do.
Try. Speaking to my GP but not very helpful just says tell your neurologist next time you see them. That’s not till February next year don’t have a appointment yet.
Thanks Davesan

What a scary time you have been through. Im trying to keep my husband away from anyone with colds or flu just incase he develops symptoms or loss of control like you seem to have gone through. We have learned overtime, the importance of good medication management, alongside monitoring diet to aid the best absorption of the medications. Our expereience of GPs is very much a common one we read on here. …see your specialist…is all they say about any parkinsons problems. You become quite self reliant, aided by this forum,and parkinsons uk and other online info. Hope you continue to feel better