XL ropininerole versus IR ropininerole

It there are reason why ropininerole is prescribed in extended release form and not in imidiate release form ??? X

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Controlled or prolonged release drugs let the dopamine agonists enter your body slowly instead of all at once. This is the reason why ropinirole is prescribed in extended form.

I hope this answers your questions. Feel free to speak to one of our advisers via our helpline about this.

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Hi I am on sinimet plus. Entacapone and now started on ropinerole as well is anyone else on all these meds?

Would be good to hear any advice. Cheers

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I am on the Ropinirole XL slow release, from what I gather it is the best way to have it instead of all the dopamine agonists flooding into your body as Reah says. I have heard that the immediate release ones tend to make some people feel a bit nautious and have more problems. I have been on them for eight years and take 18mg per day and have got through without any side effects, I’m one of the lucky ones.


Hi sheffy, I was given the imediate release by mistake from my GP, made me terribly sick, back on the regular ones now, all better now xxx

Hi there mines are slow release but keep falling asleep. And really sore heads.


Hi babswood, it’s no the afternoon G&T’s that are the problem ? Lol :joy:

Hi Angela, hope you stay on the right track then now, onward and upward!!

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Hi Sheila I only wish it was.

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When I was first diagnosed 2010 Ropinirole (Requip XL)was given to me starting on a very small dose and increasing up to 20mg. in 2016 my GP gave me a PX for Eppinix XL this then changed to Ipinnia XL I receive a letter from my GP saying please be assured that everything about your tablets remains the same, the only change is the packaging, now I used to work at a surgery and what had happened was that this other copy of Requip XL was cheaper than the genetic one. So to save money the surgery had replaced the real drug for a copy. Any way after a short time couple of months I went to the toilet and was passing blood plus a whole tablet (which had not dissolved ) so I was not getting any of these meds into my system, any way telephoned 111 ended up in the ED. My hubby put a Requip XL in a glass of water at the same time in another glass was the Ipinnia tablet, the Requip dissolved but after a whole night the Ipininia was still whole. So after my visit to the ER I went to see our new clinical pharmacist at our GPs surgery, she was most reluctant to change my PX back to Requip but she had no choice when the PK nurse spoke to her. The only thing that I did not like was that our pharmacist had put on my PX patient has her self ask for this drug. Nothing about the problems I had going to ED. It was though the clinical pharmacist had blamed me for not being able to tolerate the Ipinnia drug. So make sure when you get your med’s they are the real one’s and not a copy.