YOPD anyone else in the North West

Hi folks

Im 52, was diagnosed in 2011 and was just wondering if there were existing YOPD groups in the North West ( in in the Runcorn area) or if ot whether there is anybody out there who fancies a pint/curry and a chat

Hi mate

There is a group based in south manchester if that is of any use? I can put you in touch. Im 41 and live in cheadle.

Aaron jon


I attend the YOPD group for Cheshire. They meet in Stretton near Warrington on the first Sunday of the month.
Give Grant Bones a call on 07795 496274.



Thanks Duffers,

I will look forwards to attending, although I am a bit nervous.

I will give Grant a ring later and see you in a couple of Sundays


That’s great,

I have been made aware of a Cheshire group but would be interesting in attending the South Manchester Group, could you let me know when and where you meet.

Many thanks


Give me a few days and I’ll post back on here with details.

Hi Ivor

Call or text zoe on 07961 030784 for south manchester group.

Aaron jon


spoken to Zoe and see you at the next meeting hopefully