YORK - research day 2012

Any-one going the research forum in york 2012/november I think
Tell us more about this. I would like to go maybe

Hello Chris
I have only just found out,
They would like peoples opinions about the day and if they have good feedback they wuold like a steering committee.
Stacey Storey at Parkinsons uk is the person you need to get hold of.
I do not know how to send you the link she sent me.
Researchers from around the world meet every 2 years.
Contact the research division of parkinsons uk
Many Thanks
As Pingopenguin says, Parkinson's UK hosts a conference for international researchers every two years. This year we're considering holding a one-day conference at the start for research supporters. We emailed the Research Support Network to ask if there would be interest in the idea, and are gathering feedback at the moment. So far, it looks like there's a lot of enthusiasm.

If you're interested in getting more involved in research and receiving emails about opportunities like the proposed conference, please email rsn @parkinsons.org.uk or look at our page on the Parkinson's UK website for details and how you can get in touch: