You could not write it

Well it all started when friend of mine hes got a mobility scooter from his wife farther  who passed away sadly and said its a good one and could have it come and pick it up ! so me and my daughter boy friend went to  pick it up it was great atop speed 8 mph .so i set off ,got about a mile on a very busy rd and the battery went  flat ,so phoned mate up who gave me it & he was in pub so he could not come and get me in his van, so phoned mark my daughters boy friend to see if we could break it down fit in car ,so li was left waiting there busy rd everyone looking when passing me in car ! so i decided to to see if i could push it up this slope to a bit quieter place well that was hard ,then just by luck two men appeared and pushed it up to the top of rd for me big thank you ! waited a couple mins mark turned up in car so he parked up bearing in mine we were on a bit of slope ! so putting mark in charge of brake we rolled it down to car Well it started to run away from us & was heading for his nice 2014 vw plate car SHOUTING PUT BRAKE ON ! i jumped in front off it turned handle bars missed car and rolled into fence luckily no damage to car ,scooter or fence ! so now all we had to do was make it smaller to fit in car ,then out of the blue this van appeared with active mobility on it ! He said passed me on rd pushing it up hill ,turned a round and came to see if i needed hand after a bit of laugh he put it in his van and dropped me back home. WOW WHAT A AFTERNOON !  Well just goes to show you there are still good people out there .! All i need to do is to convince my new chocolate lab to get on it so i can take him to some bigger grass areas for a big run..


Well,  after all that Gus hope you have a lot of luck with your mobility scooter! Safe driving!!

Yes there ARE still good people around, just as well, you'd have never reached home!


Stay cool - Sheffy                               


You certainly had a stressful time! So good to hear you had help in the end. It did make me smile though at the way you said about running to put brake on the runaway scooter! Good you were able to laugh after though.



thanks for your replys ,i think it would have been a different story if it went into the car !  lol 

If that scooter started to gain speed going down a hill in freewheel, there’s something wrong with it. Mobility scooters have a safety feature that stops the machine running away if its drive is disengaged.
I’m please you lived to tell the tale but it could have been serious.