Young on Set Parkinson and 11 years since dianoses

I was diagnosed with Parkinson in 2012 , 31YO. My journey so far has been rolllercoaster ride. there are so many things that if i knew, it would have made life easier. its true that every parkinson is different but still there are alot of things are common, thats why we all have been diagnosed with parkinson…

looking forward to sharing my expeience of parkinson and learing about other s experience of it.

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum, Asim. Getting a Parkinson’s diagnosis is difficult at any age, and I can imagine that at 31 it brought up many challenging emotions. I’m sure that there are others here who can relate to your story and I hope they will be along to say hello soon.

One thing’s for sure, what you’ve learned along the way has been very valuable and you can now benefit from it and pass along your knowledge to others. Can you share one or two things you most wish you’d known back in the early days?

Have you had time to read our website? This page: Young onset Parkinson's | Parkinson's UK may be useful to you.

I’m looking forward to learning more about you in the future.

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Hello Asim
31 is no age to be diagnosed with anything that will impact your life. You say the last 13 years have been a rollercoaster and I can imagine a little of that as it is was that time my husband was also diagnosed. The drugs regimes are often rollercoasters to find what is best for each person. I hope you have found some stability with drugs that enable you to have a good quality of life for a young man :crossed_fingers:.
Parkinson’s UK as you probably already know have loads of information snd I’ve found various social media groups exist, I think their is a young onset Parkinson’s suffers support group on Facebook, hopefully you are already aware of these.
I wish you well, I hope you have lots of friends and family supporting you. Best Wishes Jane


@NOWORRYBEHAPPY a small group of us Young Onset PD people meet online on Zoom every 1st Thursday of the month at 8 pm. Join us? Details here:

Thanks , I will add it to my calendar for month oct.

@NOWORRYBEHAPPY I have sent you the zoom link by private message. Cheers!