Your experience with ropinirole / rasagiline

Hi y’all

My neurologist suggested i taje ropinirole. He also told me there’s a 10% chance of ICD. Researching that I see the risk is higher in young people and especially for those who struggle with their mental health.

My cousin recommended rasagiline. Ive looked it up but cant see what category of drugs it cones under.

I’d appreciate hearing your experiences with either of them or both.

Also if you’ve used rasagiline does it come with the ‘off’ times that other drugs for PD comes with?

Hope you’ve had a good holidays!

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R is on Rasagiline. He was prescribed it because he is refusing to take L-Dopa. It can be prescribed for early Parkinson’s and can be prescribed alongside L-Dopa. From what I understand, Rasagiline ring fences the dopamine that you have in the brain and doesn’t actually increase the dopamine. It doesn’t appear to have had any affect on R’s progression. I am not sure whether this helps you. Rach

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Thank you Rach!
Does he experience side effects from it?

No side effects at all - unfortunately I would say that I am not sure what it does but it is a gateway drug for R as he refused to have L-Dopa (that is a longer story :woman_facepalming:) You could always try it and you can always come off if it doesn’t work or causes side effects.

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I would say that the idea of it is that Rasagiline tries to keep the dopamine that you already have and doesn’t increase it.

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Thank you @RachRob