Hi there, today someone told me about zeolite. I've googled this and found some interesting articles about this and parkinsons. I just wondered if anyone had tried this or knows much about it. My husband is really struggling at the moment and is willing to try anything.

Thank you for reading.

I've not heard of this so will follow yr lead & google. Sorry to hear yr husband's not so well & I send kind thought to both of you. If I try & like I'll get back & report on zeolite. Take care.
Thank you for your reply.

I shall carry on googling and see what else I can find out.

Zeolite???? Forgive me if I am introducing an inappropriate bit of humour - but my dishwasher uses zeolite on the dry cycle to heat without electricity - I had it described to me that the wash cycle wets the crystals and that activates a heating response which, once the water cycle has stopped, then heats, dries the dishes, and dries the crystals ready for the next time. Not sure how that process would help PD! My hubby has heat control problems and gets too hot, but I don't think he is on Zeolite!!!!