Zimmer Frame?


My father is 83 and has quite severe Parkinson’s. He is very unsteady on his feet and has fallen several times recently.

I would like to try his use of a Zimmer Frame (preferable) or wheeled walker. However, other members of the family are reluctant as they think that a frame would present another trip hazard.

I just wondered if anybody else has a relative with Parkinson who is using a frame successfully or is it a trip hazard? Do you think a Zimmer Frame is better than a wheeled walker?

Thanks in advance

I have Parkinsons and am also 83. My symptoms primarily relate to Tremors, I do not yet have mobility issues. I am responding to your posting as my wife has had MS for 25 years and has owned and used every kind of mobility aid. She has both a wheeled walker and a zimmer frame. The zimmer is indispensable to her inside the house and provides much more stability. She only uses the wheeled walker for support outside the house. Over the years we have spent a small fortune buying aids which proved to be unsuitable. My advice is to go for the zimmer. We live close to a Red Cross branch where they store and lend out Mobility equipment. Is there a branch near you from where you could borrow and try out a zimmer.

Best Wishes, Gerrard


Thank you very much for your response. The Red Cross sounds like a great idea - at least to borrow a Zimmer Frame to see if it’s suitable. I will see if there is one close to my father’s address.

many thanks


Hi Jon

My husband is 10 years younger than your father but has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, his main difficulty being unsteadiness and poor balance. 18 months ago he fell and fractured his femur and used a Zimmer frame in the post-op period and found it invaluable. We both did in fact, as he was also able to use it when washing at the sink and in the shower (with my help) as it was so stable.

They are not very practical out of doors in our experience but well worth a trial indoors. I can’t see they’d be any more of a trip hazard than any other aids. We have a daughter with CP by the way so have accomodated a variety of mobility aids over the years.

Best wishes.


Thank you so much for your reply. A previous commenter suggested loaning a Zimmer Frame from the Red Cross. They’ve been incredibly helpful so I am picking one up tomorrow for my father to try. Sounds promising.


Great, hope you find something to help reduce your father’s risk of falling.