4Madapor AND Mucuna Prurines?


Madapor AND Mucuna Prurines?
Hi everyone!
Since I was diagnosed in March 2018 I have been taking controlled release 25/100 Madapor, three times a day, as advised by my neurologist, which seems to help with my tremors but doesn’t touch my stiff and aching legs. During the first few months I extensively investigated naturapathic treatments, including Velvet Bean (Macuna Prurines) - which I’ve been taking alongside the Madapor. From what I have read, macuna has much going for it. There’s a lot of published research substantiating this claim but I would especially recommend reading Dr. Rafael Gonzalez’s excellent book ‘Mucuna verses Parkinson - Treatment with Natural Levodopa’. It contains over 100 references to relevant research sources. I have been adding mucuna to my daily meds for about nine months now and feal confident it’s helping. Has anyone else tried this approach, and if so, did it help? Additionally, my naturapathic investigations suggest a number of supplements that support the remaining dopamine producing neurons as well as the importance of helping mitochondria produce ATP (energy) more efficiently. This being especially relevant to people with Parkinson’s. It’s vitally important to protect existing neurons if the progression of the disease is to be achieved (check out nootropics and mitochondrial health to see how that might be relevant to slowing or even halting the progression of the condition). This whole topic deserves more attention, don’t you think.



After reading your post I read the book, as I have been keen to try the alternative route. I am still confused with dosages to take?
I have only just started meds Madopar 125 twice a day. I would like to reduce this with MP, but am a bit wary of where to get it from and how much to take?
Also in the book it mentions green tea containing Carbidopa so would this be a good thing to take along side MP?


Hello Steph22
I’m glad you found the book interesting. It really does present a good case for trying Mucuna Prurines. I can understand your uncertainty over doseages. Many Mucuna powders and capsules don’t specify the amount of L-Dopa per dose, however the one I’m using is sold as ‘Now Dopa Mucuna’ they state that their product delivers 15% L-Dopa (120mg per dose of two capsules). I get mine from Amazon but search the web and you will find a number of suppliers. You only appear to be on a low dose of Madapar so you may find that Mucuna is a good effective substitute for Madapor. I have tried gree tea but hate the taste so by brew-ups use good old Yorkshire tea!.
Hope that helps.


Thank you
Yes it does, I will try the now one

All the best