4Madapor AND Mucuna Prurines?


I hope you are keeping well. I thought you may be interested in my recent findings. I have been looking at the different strengths of Mucuna in the various products. The organic powders are not tested for amounts but I have been told by a company this is usually around 4% as opposed to the extract powders which can vary from 98% to 40%. Discussing this with my neurologist he advised that for a therapeutic dose; an amount of up to 2grams 3 times a day would be required. I am going to try a product from nutrivitashop.com that is popular on other forums, this is 98% l dopa with an 1/8 tsp being approx 500mg.

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Further to my post above and a bit more reading I’m going to stay with the detox trading MP. As has been mentioned it has other elements which I’m sure are beneficial and the high dose extract seems a bit scary!
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I’ve just started taking BIOVEA macuna dopa as was scared about the side effects of the Madopar I was prescribed. I’ve been building it up slowly,one capsule has 100mg of L-DOPA and I’m on 3 per day now. Not sure what to expect or how high I should up the dose to. Any thoughts?

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What were the side effects? There are a few other medications your neurologist can prescribe. What dose of Madopar had a beneficial effect on your Parkinson’s symptoms?

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I suggest you read ‘Mucuna versus Parkinson’ ISBN 9781500938116. It gives you the most comprehensive analysis I have found on all aspects .

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