A happy place a smiley face

anyone up for a chat about anything ?  Would like to hear from you ., daffy  are you doing alright with cherry ? 

Hi Ian,

As I have  already said glad to see you are back,not much news really,your new dog is lovely,I take it that's her photo she will keep you busy,how old is she now.?Maybe 6 to 8 months,you will get great pleasure from her,I always used to say you always get a great welcome from a dog and how true that is.,!!

Cheers Anne 

Aye aye Anne

hope your doing alright ? The walking is no great with myself just now , new drugs to try soon the nurse said well new to me that is , am not up for dbs as I don't fancy one , our dogs name is buddy he is five months old now and we are very pleased with him , so that's all my news take care ma wee bluebell 

tooraloo Ian xx 


Hiya Ian - hope you are well. Your picture of buddy is a beauty, no the wonder  you're transfixed  with him.

The new baby is a a beauty as well , but his big sister is a little jealous of him, but we are hopiing it will pass without any problem. They have called him Arlo, a strange name yes, and hope he does'nt get called names at school, but it is growing on me. Young ones now seem to compete with each other trying to think of the most unusual names for their children, not giving any thought for them as they grow older.

Anyway take care - Sheila

Aye aye chuckles 

aw your grandchild will be just fine at school as lots of kids now have names we don't relate to but kids are different nowadays they think it's cool to be different , honestly some of the kids our boys came through school with had unusual names one girl was named after a motor bike bonnivile !! Aye the PD isn't good the day am like a half shut knife it looks like I have lost something am that bent over the day ha ha !!  I was going to sell our canoe but it won't stop raining am waiting for a message from the big man upstairs to build an ark ha ha !! Tooraloo 

Hi all,

        was just going past and heard all the noise big grin

Some old faces in here I guess, lets try get things back to normal how they were in the old place.

No news from me at the moment but always like a bit of banter,


  Noise It's just the wind your hearing it's all this hot air coming down from the highlands !!!   I see I have flitted and didn't get time to pack anything , how are you ya  wee rough ? Am off out just now going to fix a power saw. No chainsaw massacre here bloody thing won't start , I have an axe but the owner ( me ) won't start .  Well good to hear from a poster of yesterday take care smoggy 

Hi Ian,

I got myself a second hand exercise bike yesterday,I used to bike a lot and loved it.My walking is not nearly as good as well as balance so after reading how you and another lady still managed to cycle I am trying this at first.I have my annual pd review on Wednesday. Had to stop the Neupro  patch and things have gone downhill a bit,thanks for asking Ian,

Cheers Anne (bluebell)

Good to hear from you Anne , aye the exersize bikes are really good like when the snow comes your safe inside on it . But if your balance is not great be carefull  or put more water in it ha ha !!  Jokes aside be carefull  you only get one set of bones . I made A bit of a mistake buying a treadmill can't make much of it , it seems a lot of people don't get on with the patches I think the only thing they would be good for if your bike had a puncture !!  I still use them but you have to change where you stick them or skin gets a bit red I feel like telling them to put them where I stick them ha ha ha !! Tooraloo bluebell take care X 



Hi Smoggy glad to have you back among friends hope you are feeling tickety- boo


Hi Sheila......love been with friends its the nutters i cant stand, hope youre good and looking after yourself.

thought i needed to come back to keep ian on the straight and narrow razz

I phoned you on the other page where were you watching darts ? Or drinking my beer nothing changes eh !!! Your some boy smoggy 

Thought it was double glazing firm mate sorry,

See other thread sorry it's bad news !! 

Serious how ar you keeping these days smoggy ? 

How's Sheila ?   

How things with you now then that was nice of smoggy to visit us all  like mist in the hollow folk will follow ( hopefully ) we can have a forum gathering 

The DWP watch you arrive and leave and measure how far you walk with cameras hidden on buildings. But Christ none of us are getting any better . Sorry to sound depressing but we're not good luck to you smoggy 

Letter i got from DWP stated medical was to take place on 2nd floor but there is a lift, however in case of fire alarm etc you can only come down by stairs (approx 40) or you could request a ground floor room. So in my opinion all those who are going to 2nd floor are going to be looking for work soon.

Aye aye come in would you like a cup of tea or coffee . DWP bum witted pr...s  !! At the one I had the nurse was looking for another job by the time I'd left . As I seemed to be the one asking awkward questions like why am I here ? Are you picking on me ? Don't you chase up the ones that have never worked in their life ect ect ha ha she was ticked off at it all . O no doubt you will be nice smoggy I will se it on the news nurse jumps out a second floor window and you shouting at her am stopping your Beniifets !! 

What will be will be Ian I have nowt to hide, i wish i could work as you can only count the hours in a day so many times.

So apart from that, whats new with you mate? I notice the wizard of oz has took a back seat, its a shame really i enjoyed his life stories and he seemed a genuine guy, who knows one day he might return.