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Yes Sheila I had emergency surgery but all good on the path of recovery.

Have a brilliant holiday x


Hi Babswood, that is really good news, so pleased for you, and bet you’re glad it is all going well. You take care and speak to you later - sheffy xx


Aye daffy
Hope all is well with you and family not forgetting dogs cherry will know your every move by now I bet . All is well here buddies a smart cookie now he knows what I am going to do before I do ! , you will be like the bees enjoying summer I know I am just at a much slower pace than I used to bloody PD . Still we are above ground and that’s more than some , I spend a lot of time in my workshop nowadays my man cave ha ha !! Making things out of wood mainly sawdust ha ha but it’s good fun , we just do what we can eh . I don’t really come on here very often at all so if you don’t hear from us for another year or so it’s just am never around the forum so all the best for now Ruth tooraloo am gone xx


Hi Sheila

Wondering why we are not hearing much from you.?

Hope this finds you as well as can be expected.

We are missing you Sheila.!!!


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Just passing ,through thought I’d give you a wave hope your all well , give a shout around Xmas .
Tooraloo all am gone xx


Happy Christmas


Hi Ian,
Good to hear from you. I don’t get on here much these days either. Dogs both ok, although 11year old Merlin is much slower now. Neither like this heat - nor do I!
Bees a bit of a disaster. Harvested 35lb honey in spring, very tasty and satisfying but it’s been down hill all the way since then. Still all the books say your first year bee keeping is easy and that then everything goes wrong - and it has! s*ds law I think it’s called. Anyway I’m not giving up. Unfortunately my mentor has also been diagnosed with PD. I thought last year that he looked how I felt, if you know what I mean. Life’s full of surprises, not all of them good. Take care Ruth x


Aye aye chuckles.
Cat says hello there , buddy is a year and a half old now where does time go ? Not to worry all is well as long as we keep taking the tablets ha ha that’s life . Bloody cold here now but we had a smashing summer . Take it easy Sheila if your ever up to the highlands call in by .
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All the best tooraloo am gone xx


Aye aye folks it’s the time of year I just came on to wish all a good cheer
And to take look back at all we have done a real year of changes and lots of good fun
O now we all adjust as things progress try to keep cool it’s not good to stress
It’s family time good food and laughter best form of. Med that’s what we’r after
A good get together then at the new year prrty again with fine wine and beers
So moderators and members as well have a great festive and look after yourselves
Well that is all so good health and good luck as for the PD please don’t give a …
Maybe next year I will call on you so just for just now I will say Tooraloo
Ha ha !! All the best
Lord o the highlands :beers: :sunglasses: :beers:


Hi lord of the highlands, just to say I like your poem Ian.All the best to you and Catriona,hope your doing away ok.
Remember me Bluebell,!,


Hi Ian, all the best to you and Catriona and the rest of your lovely family, have a great Christmas and a lively Hogmanay! All the best for 2019, go for it!! xx