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:joy::joy::rofl:- Hi Ian I can just imagine you - its a wonder you didn’t singe you eye brows - You weren’t suppose to blow the bloody doors off. Don’t know about Buddy looking at you in that way, Brian just said you silly bugger, did you not know that sawdust was combustable. Never mind at least you are here to tell the tale!!


P.S. No I don’t think i’ll be wanting a sawdust heater…


Hi Ian,
Your sawdust burning experiments sound “interesting”. You sound like you’re keeping busy.
one way round the alcohol tax would be your own still. I gather it’s legal as long as you only produce for your own consumption. A friend made his own last year from an assortment of bits and produced something quite strong. Not sure what you call alcohol distilled from home made rhubarb wine! Then, just for fun he threw a “drop” on the fire, the resulting whoosh nearly gave his wife a heart attack, and so the sill is no more. Have a good, sunny weekend.


Aye morning folks
Glad to say I have perfected the sawdust burner it’s not as good as the stove I made from an old gas cylinder but nat bad .though and a much better way to use up sawdust :smile: Hope. All is well wth you all in this mini heatwave , well am off to start my day tooraloo am gone :smile:


Good morning all…

Keith asked me to pass on that he is doing okay and will be back on the forum.

Hoping the sun will come out today
It actually looks more like rain here.


Hi babswood - It’s always the same with the weather I’ve noticed, if it’s rain in Scotland we can hope for decent weather in England and visa versa, have you noticed?

Anyway, hate to say it, we are enjoying some lovely weather here and hope you get to enjoy some of it soon!

Hoping you are well - Sheila :sunglasses:


Aw i. It
Now kin raining here it’s a menace when you want to be oot side :rage:Aw well what to do now ? May Day
Holiday as well , I will name it miserable Monday ha ha !! Off to my workshop I think
Tooraloo am gone !


Hi Ian - I’m sure you’ll fine summat to do, if your like my other half, anything to keep outa my hair! He woulda been fishing but it’s a bit hot here for that (not that I’m bragging!) :flushed::sunglasses:

Sheila x


Aye chuckles
Well it was just a shower it turned out a lovely day here , aye Brian is like myself we always have something to keep us away from the tasks wives set us ha ha !! Am still building. This shed about two boards a day !! Buddy is the only one that doesn’t mind rain . Well enjoy The summer Sheila
Tooraloo am Gone xx


Hi Sheila

We had a beautiful day yesterday. Was really hot.
Looks a bit dull this morning.

I am in agony with my back have just taken.my painkillers so hopefully kick in soon.


I think back pain is one of the worst pains you can have babswood, and I can definately sympathise with you,

My wish came true then, I sent my wishes for you to have a bit of what we are having! It’s lovely isn’t it, can’t beat having that sunshine to make you feel better.

Off to a funeral today of all things on this beautiful day. Speak later - Sheila :sunglasses:


On way to hospital as my back has gone.


Hope you are ok babswood, and that the hospital can ease any pain you have, so thinking of you

Sheila x


Hi Sheffy
I’ve been looking for I hope you are doing well I’m back on so maybe I could teach you some jockanese awrite hen.
:pill::pill::pill::crab::crab: Tommy


Hi T1, aye am fine, been holidaying with the bairns, bin ta Devon, had a great week!



Hi Sheila
So glad you.had a good holiday.

Babs x


Thanks babswood, hope you are doing well and nice to see your avatar on! Not putting my monica on for everyone to see, don’t take a good photo anyway! hate having it taken xx



Hi Sheila
Nice to hear from you. Hope you had a nice time with your family on holiday.

I don’t like my picture either.Like you I don’t like getting my photo taken.

Hope you keeping well Sheila and will speak later.

Babs x x x


Hi babswood, will be on and off the forum for a little while, got a lot of things to sort out, but will be back with a vengeance when everything is settled a bit more. So don’t think I’m being ignorant toward you or any one else on the forum, wouldn’t be like that with anyone.

Just to let you know it’s a good picture of you at least I can recognise you from York just as I remember. Soon will be that wedding this coming Thursday (1920’s) then the Italy trip, got the hen do tomorrow night (Friday) going to a BonJovi sound alike concert Lol at 65!!

Take care and as Arni sez “I’ll be back” Sheffy (new name) xx


Hi Sheila
So good to hear from you. Hope you have a great time at the wedding sounds so much fun.

Enjoy your holiday too.
Looking forward to hearing all about it.



Have you had your op done on your back? If you have hope it’s feeling good, if not ask them what are they playing at! Speak later.