A happy place a smiley face


TOMMY really thought a lot about you Ian and obviously enjoyed the banter.


Aw for Sake is that all


I am jealous I never got a letter :weary: It’s no fare I want a letter too


Hi babswood and Ian, sad that Tommy decided to call it a day, there will be hardly any of us left to have a banter with. Lets hope he comes back!!He messaged me this morning to tell me about Keith as well.

Ian don’t you go anywhere - Sheila


Ian don’t you go anymore ?? Jesus chuckles you’ll be the next one to get a letter from our wonderful moderation team speaking like that :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Hi Friends

A beautiful morning here hopefully stays all day…

Feeling really sad today as my pal Tommy has left the forum.Cant quite believe it.
Please 're consider Tommy this forum needs you and I want my pal back.

On an other note Can everyone on the forum please send a message to Keith who has had a rotten time and still in hospital.i could not stop shaking yesterday after getting the message.

Cheers folks have a good one x x x


I apologise for putting the details on the forum as should have private message but was in such a state I could not even think right.


Keith ???


He used to be on the forum. Just before you came back.
He was mugged walking home and suffered a heart attack. He posted under itsmylfe.


Aye that’s a shame. I didn’t Know him , there’s always something To upset things , hope he gets on okay


Well thing are not going to well jammed my hand under a traylor this morning cut my knuckles bugger ! The forums giving bad news Christ what next , on a lighter note the weathers good here :smile:Am off oot to start again , hope you readers are having. A good day
Tooraloo Lord o the highlands am gone


Came here for a. Visit spoke to this Tommy bloke
The crack was pretty good as he liked a laugh and joke
Whenever there is mistcheve he was an instigator
But that was swiftly closed down by our moderator
So now I feel quiet lonley nobody to torment
It was all in fun the time on here we spent
Aw well farewell then Tommy my last farewell to you
As always it’s the Lord here saying tooraloo


Hi Ian,
I haven’t been on here for a while. A lot seems to have been going on and I never seem to get as much done as I think I will. I’m learning how to put off non important things though.
It’s amazing how PD changes your outlook isn’t it. Last year I broke a front tooth. It just broke right off! Nothing for it but a plate (or a £3000 implant! - er no). Not so long ago I would have been absolutely devastated but when it happened I was surprised to find myself just thinking "oh **** "
Bees are fine thanks, very busy as we have lots (and I mean lots) of dandelions and the local farmer has 100 acres of rape in flower nearby (hay fever time). Daffy


Aye aye daffy Sake what a price for a tooth !! Watch you dont end up like nanny McPhee Jokes aside hope you get on okay . Don’t know if you have pet insurance but a lady nearby us paid. Insurance for ten years for her dog then one day the dog wasn’t eating so the vet said teeth had to come out and the insurance wouldn’t pay up as they said it was cosmetic , got to go justnow tooraloo Ruth


Aye I had to stop typing as someone came to visit , well it sounds like your bees will do well this year , aye and I know what you mean about just doing what you can when you can I just leave things struggling is just not worth it , buddy’s a lot more laid back now he has been dressed ( poor buddy ) your getting on alright though ? Just slow down we have to it’s the only way . Well Ruth my suppers ready take care of yourself
Tooraloo xx


Hi Ian,
I’m ok thanks. Hope you are doing reasonably ok too.
Yes Cherry’s insured for the moment. We usually insure for a couple of years just in case a big health problem appears. Then we put what would have been the premium into an isa just for the dog so that hopefully will cover any unexpected expense. Suggested by another dog owner. We have a “dog issa” for Merlin and cherry can use that too when the time comes. Fortunately it hasn’t had to be touched yet!
Cherry had “the girly snip” a little while ago. I would have loved her to have had puppies but all things considered it wouldn’t have been a good idea. Anyway I would have been far too picky about who was “good enough to have one” and probably have ended up keeping the lot. And my normally tolerant husband would definitely not like that.
Re nanny Mcphee - my nhs replacement tooth on a plate took a bit of getting used to but looks good, not at all obvious.
Off to babysit grandchildren for a bit. Take care. Ruth


Aye aye daffy
Hope you got on babysitting the wee monsters , I am jealous as we don’t have any yet we have two boys they both have girlfriends but they won’t marry them and for us we tell them and all we get told is phew no yet ! :roll_eyes:Our youngest sons girlfriend says no baby’s till she has a ring on her finger (Fair play to her ) Weather wasn’t great yesterday so I spend time in my workshop when it’s like that , aye I bet after a while you won’t think about the tooth they can make a good job of that sort of things nowadays , but as for those implants @. £3000 that’s residuals, well Ruth I better go start my day so tooraloo for now xx


Hi Ian you will be missing your pal Tommy on the forum.Did you get his email address as I have it if you don’t.
Babs x x


Aye babs
I will leave poor Tommy in peace jha ha !! Never been told why he’s no here but then again it’s none of my business, hope your all well o we will be now that scots canna afford a drink , good heavens they will try and tax us for farting next money grabbing tards !! Ach dinna get me started
Tooraloo am gone xx


Aye aye there
Hope your all well . I have been busy in my workshop making a sawdust burner to heat the workshop and it wouldn’t burn as sawdust was too wet so I mixed coal in with sawdust o and it burnt then it didn’t seem to burn Then all of a sudden there was a rush of sparks blew out the bottom of it like a firework it built up gas inside the barrel then ignited with. Force it’s a wonder I didn’t burn tthe place doon !! Poor buddy shook his head and walked away giving me a side look bugger it why me eh I do my best but there you go !!!

Sawdust stove for sale going free to good home
Apply Lord o the highlands
Tooraloo folks am gone