A happy place a smiley face


Aye chuckles
One year ago today we were all in York !!!

      How time flys  tooraloo the Lord


Aye tomas


Mon en Tomas let’s hear you


Aye lantern Jaws
I see you waited until I took my protection costume off (that Wiz sore man .A mean tit OUCH) I’m not in the padded cell yet but the psychiatrist has just swapped places with me on the couch.
Need tae go noo coz nurse Rachitt is jist heddin doon an a dinnea want her tae shuv yon plastic hing in ma gub an plug me intae the wa.


Aye it’s like one flew over the cuckoo’s nest , you doing fine Tommy ? Am top o the world ( when pills, work a)) you keep taking your Meds now trish okay . Ha ha !! Your some boy a bit older than I am but never mind you can’t win them all . I can imagine the doc running ) oot the room ha ha !


Hello Ian
Medication Time . Joking aside my sleepy sweeties to avoid insomnia are just kicking in so hopefully I’m off to meet the sandman.
I concede you win (TONIGHT)
Catch you soon…T1.


Aye aye Tommy take it easy , sweet dreams ma boy ask babs abbot Stirling event , no Tommy don’t think I’ll be there thfs year but maybe babs will be there tooraloo




OMG Ian, you have a good memory, I didn’t give it any thought! We had a good time didn’t we and time does fly by, In fact it seems longer than a year ago to me…:thinking:

Sheila x


Morning all
Aye catriona and I stayed on we enjoyed York , am off oot it’s a Bonnie day
Tooraloo chuckles xx


Good morning Tommy and. How are you today​:smile::smile::smile::smile:
Catch you later be good and take care


Good Morning Friends

What a beautiful day ! Sun shining Yahoo !



Hello Ian
I’ll get ye good morning that nurse ratshit (she’s the Scottish version)
Well she coat me with ma phone unner ma blanket coz you sent me a message an it bleeped afore yi ken it a wis dragged in tae a cell ,gote ma mooth fulled wi plastic an 240 volts rattin throo me.
Anyway a hud brekfist wi the cast o the muppet show this moarnin an luckily enuff a met a big Indian guy far Ibrox an he managed tae lob a Belfast sink thru the windae an a managed tae scarlet like billy wizz .
But a think you deserve a visit fae auld Sparky an am gonny wire up that shed o yours an gie ye a wee tate o wit a went throo .
Hope you have a great day pal



Tommy wants you to know he has left the forum
He really enjoyed your messages.
He wishes you the best of health but most of all contentment.


Poor Tommy
Hope he’s okay and no getting fed up of my cheek ach well I hope he gets on okay . Is he far on with his PD do you know babs ?? Ach to be honest I was planning to shoot through myself ,all the best to yourself and the big man tooraloo am gone xx


Come back Tommy. You know you you want to !!!
If you listen you will hear me sing Lonely am so lonely I have nobody
Just kidding all the best to you Tommy take dare o yourself


Oh Tommy just say soz for being a bad boy and for goodness sake come back. This forum needs you .
We have all been told off at one point.
I am sure Ian can confirm that.
So come on you know you want to.


Right who’s upset my boy right tell me and this mental highlander wifi come doon and sort the ker oot


Right babs spill ???


TOMMY was messaging and used the word dealer jokingly and got a letter from Reah telling him off.