A happy place a smiley face


Morning babswood
Hope you are well as can be and enjoyed your couple of sherbets the other night.
And I won’t even get involved in that football comment HA HA
TOMMY. :pill::pill::crab::crab::syringe:


Ouch well you have to support your team even if they are playing rubbish.
Yes Tommy the Sherbets were so lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed my girls night out.



I’m watching​ the grand Prix not really bothered about the football.
I don’t care who beats Rangers HA HA


I’m sitting oot in ma gerdin kiddin on that the Sun’s oot.


Only glesgae folk wid dae that eh?


Hello babswood
I say what’s all this new trend for people communicating on their handheld electronic gadgets and not only that but partaking of it in the vernacular

Whitthehell’s goan oan hen
Thomas. :crab::crab::pill::pill:


Well I think it all started with a guy who started off being known as T1 who then was called Tommy then he met Ian better known as Lord of the Highlands.Which then began the story of Sparky alias T1 who now is known as Thomas.
That’s the story so far hence all the different Scotts accents kicked in.

I think the men in the white coats will be coming soon ha ha .


woke up this morning stretching and yawning
Already it feels like another days dawning
Patches are on the pills have been taken
It don’t really matter as I am still shaking
Do my best to get to the kitchen table
Well it’s not easy as legs are not able
Don’t eat too much as it makes things worse
Or so am told aw god it’s a curse
Wait what is this felling yes now Iam not jerking
Everything feels smooth the drugs must be working
So out we go to to get on with life
Try a bit shopping with my lovely wife
We all do so well at getting around
Somethings not right my feel stuck to the ground
Now your not happy PD makes you feel sour
No more Meds for another two hours
People look at you with a bit of a frown
But time goes by and we swallow drugs down
Sitting home now all I can say
It was just another Parkinson’s day
when we get home it feels so good to rest
Have a wee moan that PD’S a pest
I hope you can relate as pills take a while
And this little ditty has brought a wee smile
keep nice and happy please don’t be blue
From Lord o the highlands it is tooraloo :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


You and your bloody men in white coats they are at my door


They are coming to take you away ha ha.


The bus is sitting outside Tommy or T1 or Sparky or Thomas and I are already on board.


Am no going on it am off to let my haggis after them


Tooraloo babs xx


That was my next question Ian how’s the haggis doing this weather.?


I am away to get my dinner that Phil has cooked.
Speak soon



Whew babswood thank you for explaining all that for me, I was beginning to think I was me loosing my marbles, the forum is hard enough to follow without some people taking on ficticious names as well!

Koala Kid - alias Sheila :rofl:


Hi Ian
Enjoyed your little ditty even gave you a like but as I lie in my cot in my Tiger onesie meds taken and Peter’s oil
I can’t help thinking of the disappointing day I’ve had .
I was all prepared in my crash helmet and Batfink outfit on (remember him “my wings are like a shield of steel”)
I was waiting for one of your bouts of banter as your​ meds kicked in but you went out instead which of course is much better for you.
But I’d been waiting all day for the Tasmanian devil instead I felt like a right Jeremy Hunt just as well nobody came to the door.
Still in a way I guess you won again.
Speak later pal… Sparky.


Hi ian(Lord of the Highlands).
That was a very good poem ,Ian and so true.
I was sure you had written before and glad you have not lost the knack.
Cheers (Bluebell)I


Aye aye bluebell
Aye you like my wee dittys the wife fell asleep so I started typing , hope your doing alright at least our weathers warmed up a bit now . Take care bluebell xx


Aye aye tit o I mean Tommy what you up to now ? Glad you liked my ditty as that’s acureat of myself :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Well chuckles disna know what to call you ha ha !! Have you , babs said the men in white coats were calling for you are you in the padded call now . Aye well need a bit fun on here , your turn whoever you are ha ha ha !!