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Wel !well that was a fair bit o typing. Good you had a good birthday. Chuffed fir I you we need good times eh.


Morning world and readers hope alls well with you all . Buddy woke us early this morning so it’s an early start for us up here in the highlands. Barbra I could listen to you all day more more ha ha !! T1youll no be getting spoilt so much the birthdays over how old are you now myself I was 58 this year just a boy eh :innocent:. Well this isint getting the shed built , tooraloo am gone


Good Morning Ian.
The sun actually shining.
Hoping you get your shed finished before the rain starts as what’s a day in Scotland without rain.

Hoping you have a good Friday and I’m sure you will be having a few lagers tonight.!!!



Morning Ian
Am jist a bairn compared tae yersel .
Did ye no see ma foaty.
You hiv a gid day auld yin .
:pill::pill::pill: Young Sparky.


Just had a few lessons in understanding the Scottish accent! Had fun sorting out and understanding it, got on well, just came to me couple minutes ago what ‘foaty’ meant and hooray it means photo! that’s the only thing I was pondering on, not bad eh?

Sheila x


Aye aye chuckles
There is all variations of the scots Orkney Aberdeen wick Fife inverneshire and Glasgow all have there own slang but easiest on the ear is Inverness ,
You can do them all but two full blown aberdonians you wouldn’t understand , good to hear from you chuckles xx


Aye well done hen
Yill sin be bletherin an geein folks a richt moothfae.wen err they dinnea git hings richt gonyersel hen fulyirbits
Awrabest … Sparky​:pill::pill::pill: that’s ma new name ye ken Ian geed me it fur ma burthdie.


I have a brother in law when he speaks it’s full Doric , but he writes just like anybody else . Aye it’s a strange thing


Hello Ian
I worked in Dundee for a while and an old guy used to make as tea every morning
Then one day he said sorry he couldn’t make the tea as he was going to see his doctor.
We said we hoped it was nothing serious.Then he no I’m going to visit my daughter.
Obviously he said all this in a Dundee accent and we thought he was ill
:pill::pill::pill: SPARKY


Got that T1 all but the ‘fulyirbits’ does ‘it mean fill you boots’ Wish I could remember some Geordie slang to post on here



Hello Shefinn
A gold star for you as you are absolutely correct.
Tommy :crab::crab::pill::pill:


Hello folks
The sheds coming on slowly but I spent ages cleaning out a chimney bloody crows blocked it twigs and crap well that’s my story but am sitting down now with a nice chilled beer life doesn’t get better than this hope you all have a good weekend
Tooraloo am gone.


Hi Lord of the Highlands
Glad you’re shed is coming together well
You enjoy your beer (is it ok for me to say my friend) .
Not been on the forum today as I’m getting that look from the Wife every time I pick up my phone (you know that look that says everything without uttering one word why are women so good at that.I think they must be born with that ability)
She seems to think that I spend too much time on here just like one of those kids on bookface or something
But she doesn’t realise how long it actually takes me to type especially when I’m writing it in jockanese
I really enjoy my banter with you and bought myself a good crash helmet so you can’t get inside my head.HA HA
Off to my cot now speak soon… Sparky​:pill::pill::pill::baby_bottle:


Hi T1 - that’s funny I get the same look from my hubby as you get from your missus. Do you think they are jealous?


Hi Shefinn
I think you might have a point there
Good to see you are doing so well with your translations​


Bayern don’t worry we are all the same getting the same look ha ha !! And aye Tommy we are all pals on here as we all have our own problems and there not going away . But in saying that life’s what you make it we have a lot to be thankful for we are not terminal or anything like that but we still moan sometimes . But the trick is enjoy yourself and don’t try to do more than your fit for , am going to have one more beer and go to my bed
Tooraloo am gone


Me too I get that look.


I think it is because our attention is drawn away from them Barbara, but in my eyes I don’t spend an awful lot of time on the forum, and when all said and done you have to respond to any posts you have otherwise they all pile up don’t they.

Hope you are keeping as well as can be expected with all of your problems, am thinking of you.

Sheila x


Good morning all.
Well today im going to sort out the pots in the garden getting ready for Summer.
I wont do too much will just get hubby to lift the pots for me he doesn’t know yet!!!.Hope you all have a good Sunday.
Speak soon.

This forum is just so quiet no. One around and so many do not post at all. I bet you they all come on and read well if thats you please let us know you are here !!! !

Babsx x x .xx


Come On the GERS .

I know you Celtic will win but you can but dream!!!