A happy place a smiley face


Quality t pure quality all you need is thick skin nowadays and a good sence o humour yor no geein us a profile then ?? Keep postin this is the most lively this forums been in ages :grinning:


Have to put my specs on to read the print is at bloody small on here :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:And ats without a beer


SORRY I took my time answering . washing and drying my hair it takes me ages.
Anyway however thick you think my skin is . When I have a blood test the nurse uses a normal needle .
God knows what they use on you because even though I’ve not met you.
I think you would have an answer for everything.
Did you notice I typed this in English to make it easier for you to read now I’m showing my kind side .
Oh Ian did I tell you I was in the supermarket today and I saw a loaf named after you .
Sorry that was my mistake it said thick cut.
Ian I’m off to take drugs now. Post me tomorrow it’s my birthday and I guess I could do with a laugh T1.


You type ony wy ye like its aw the same tee me Ken !! But one can type any way at all ha ha !! As for your bread ya dyslexic edjit ha ha !! Truth be told Tommy am fu…d up justnow as drugs were changed but I still have my old Meds so tomorow am taking old stuff as I can’t get hold o ma neuro , and I canna be stuck in this chair all day AV a shed to build so al be oot there tomorow but al post you when am in .good to get your crack Tommy , that’s all now tooraloo am gone


Who’s next !!


Just been posting a joker from govan and I think it’s kinda funny
That he belleves that in his toon o govan it is always sunny
We traded little insults like Scottish buddy’s do
So please don’t take offence if we should start on you
It’s how you put it over all the best o crack
But it’s where we’r faye that keeps us two always coming back
a highlander and a low lander that have lots to say
Don’t be shy and join in wi us any time o day
Right ithen tricky Tommy no more to be said
That’s plenty o my dribble am off to my bed
Ha ha night all


Happy birthday Tommy all the best young man


Watch oot Tommy there’s a bloke standing in your posts a shifty looking dude !!:+1:


:grin:Happy Birthday to you .Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear Tommy Happy Birthday to you.


Aye Barbra what like the day ?? Am. Just waiting for old Meds to kick in and I’ll be off outside .


Morning Ian
A hope ye ur feelin betta the day (honestly) a really mean that mate
De ye like ma profile foaty a stuck it.oan cos its ma birthday the day an mibbiz cos ye wur bangin oan aboot it that much a hate tae admit it but it ripped ma knittin a wee bit.
Ennywiy a hoap yir no jist a wee bit jellus cos a am a bit o a stoatir eh ?
A dinny want tae dae yir nut in jist cos you hid tae huv a big choap tied roon yir neck soes the dug wid play wi ye
An yi dinnae need tae ask
Of course ye kin blaw up ma foaty an pit in yer new shed . Well that’s wit me n you’ll caw it ?
Catch ye later pal . George Cloo a mean T wan.


Hi pal I’m fine the day . Laughing at you and Tommy I mean George .

Don’t you be doing too much today as you will be greetin later.Babsx


Have a good day :beer::+1::innocent::beer: tricky. My old Meds are starting to kick in al be like the Tasmanian devil shortly . Aye good pic tricky !! But dinna let me get inside yr heed ok enjoy your birthday ma boy and al post ya later when I come in. Tooraloo am gone :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Thanks babswood
Me and my Wife are going out for dinner later I just hope I don’t make too much mess and embarrass her.
I been having a laugh with Ian he’s a bit of card . I just hope the jokes go too far because between you and me I quite like the old chap .
But I would like a serious chat with Ian coz it’s not that easy typing in jockanese
Anyway thanks again and change my profile back later I know I’m not a child anymore (BUT HE STARTED IT) ha ha . Tommy :baby_bottle::baby_bottle::baby_bottle::crab::crab::crab::crab:


Hi Tommy

Yes Ian is a great gùy . I have actually met Ian and his wife. When we had a get together in York which Sheila organised.
Ian and my hubby hit it off as both enjoy Tennants Lager So they both hit the bar.
Ian is brilliant to talk to and seriously gave me good tips for my PD, So behind al the laughs is a really good guy.
Ian will be getting a big head reading this has ha


You. Love it really
I love you too but not in that way you know what I mean .
Thanks for the laughs last night and your good wishes for today.
I can’t help thinking if you’re changing to better drugs (MA TEAS OOT) but I’ll keep trying my best Thanks again Ian.
Oh one more thing lysdexia is no joak


Heavens above Barbra you have made me like humty dumty am that big headed now ha ha !! How’s things with you folks ? Am plodding on same old , there wis an awfull noise on here last night ha ha !! Tricky got his new name from me for his birthday am good to that boy !! Ha ha well better go se ya later xx


Aye aye tricky hope your Neal was good and you didna make it look like a food fight , jokes aside public places are a job but by.god I can handle the gawkers Sometimes I don’t even say anything just give them a quick look is enough ha ha sometimes get a bit o fun doing it . Aw well am off back oot see you
Lord o the highlands Ian


What sort. Of food was that ? Its totally changed your look :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:


Hello Ian
I must thank you kindly for my wonderful birthday present I’ve been called a lot of things in my life and I am quite ecstatic with the new title you have so generously bestowed upon me your generosity indeed knows no boundaries I’m overwhelmed with the new name Sparky .
I can only hope that you can avoid the temptation to bestow a new title for me due to my proper profile picture as Bawheid would deeply hurt my feelings and maybe even send me on the dreaded downward spiral of deep depression
Anyhoo hope you’re gettin oan well wi yir porn hut (sorry a meant tae say shed)
sometimes the dodgy wiring in my brain can make me say the most unpalatable utterances.
I did have a nice meal with my wife thanks.
I don’t mind the (Gawker’s) too much.
It’s the big mouth that starts to show off in front of his mates I can’t handle and then I tend to attack with nothing in my mind no matter what the others do because by then I’ve got only one goal and that’s to remove the show offs eyes so that he won’t be able to laugh at shaky parkies again because he’ll be too occupied with his white stick and as you probably know only too well only the real friends stick with you so more than likely he would be a very lonely boy
Anyway am bletherin noo.
Catch ye later pal… Sparky​:pill::pill::pill::pill: