A happy place a smiley face


Hi I’m Tommy fae sunny govan
Just had a read through most of
this thread and even though I’m PD
and an insomniac

I sure hope I don’t end up as mad as you lot knock knock… TOUCH WOOD.

Wait a minute was that the front door or the back door.?


Hi Ian - and here’s me thinking that Catriona had had a makeover!!

Hey this forum takes a little while to suss out but keep trying matey :thinking::thinking::thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sheila xx


No not long now!

Got the hen night to go to the week before as well, a tribute night to Bon Jovi, three course meal and I’m staying overnight at the hotel.

Busy month May, going away to Devon with Daughter & Son in law and grandchildren for a week in a caravan (not the same one thank goodness) Looking forward to that…

Nice to see Ian back but don’t know how long he’ll stay - Sheila xx


Aye aye Tommy
Well you talk some sh…e sunny maybe between it pi…g it doon ha ha ha !!! Your some boy , I dinna post on here much nowadays it used to be good crack but it’s faded away a fair bit , I better go and see who’s aboot the night good to hear from you take it easy tooraloo am gone
Ian. No kisses ha ha !!


Aye aye daffy
Good to hear from you , cherrys doing well enough by the sounds of it , buddy’s doing okay and had the snip , we’ll keep smiling Ruth as lsummers ahead now we can do bits and pieces with better weather and clear nights , hope your still bee keeping as its good to have a hobby stay busy .:grinning: Tooraloo am gone xx


Well am trying to build a shed but it’s zero miles per hour lucky if I nailed two boards the day !! :weary:A real sleepy head just now ach enough o my dribble am off to bed tooraloo am gone !!!


Hullaw Ian
A canny remember that last time it rained in sunny Govan by the way
Ab bin cutting aboot in a sloppy Joe
shorts and gutties fir at least twinty year. HA HA .
WHEN Wiz the last time you his good wee hoaliday in lovely​ sunny Govan.
It​s a speshal toon a no we dinna iye spell right but wir really warm and friendly (am no dain a gid Joab I o sellin this s*e um a ) oh well ad better ph aff noo
Hey Ian ur you usin harmony eh?


Jesus Tommy
Your as good as ma sell but I canna spell ha ha !! Your wee palls owner the borders winna hea a clue whit ye just wrote . Am haein a bit.o a job up in the highlands wi aw ris heat wave ma haggis is nae fond o it ha ha !! There’s no many highlanders on here just ma sell . This PD is no a big fan club it’s aboot as common as the loch nest monster , gee you a shout noo an then but AV got a shed to build all hiv a go ! Catch ya later tooraloo am gone


Hi Ian how’s life treating you.
Are you still chasing your haggis a boot.

Babs x


Aye. Aye what like how’s the wee tartin terror the day ? Is the big man uye getting a T am off it just now !!! . Cat says aye aye . Tricky. Tommy sounds alright. On here . AV no heard much crack on here but AV no been aboot fur a wee while . Hear your still doing fine though . Today I feel like geein my nuero a doin you know what I mean his bloody sweeties dinna work ha ha !! :joy:Tooraloo am gone xx


I had tried to comtaçt you a few times but you know what I’m like not very good at all with new technology.
Hope Catriona well.

Babs x


There’s no been much crack on here as you have not been here.
Hope your staying so we can have a good laugh.we need you to get it going.
Yes Tommy is a good guy and up for a laugh.

Cheers for now

Babs x


Aye tricky he’s been under a sun lamp. Got the last twenty years so body let the poor bugger oot tea the real world :joy: Blizzard conditions in the highlands here Christ the haggis winna even come oot . Stay lucky babs tooralooo am gone xx


Hubs huba!!! AV just started ma new job at halfords !! See the wee beds were complaining aboot the arosoul paint cans widna work so halfords geed me the job o mixing them up the wee ball bearing fair flys aboot in the tins when I hold. Them and they don’t fail as all they needed was a good mix happy boy Ian and happy needs its a win win mon the Parkinson’s yer good for something :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Mon en let’s hear ye


Jings Cribbens Ian Whits happened tae yer nut ye hud long blonde hair this moarnin
Huv ye bin takin aff the PD sweeties cos a ken they dae funny hings tae yer heid

A ken cos there daen them tae me the noo speshally Wen the wifie is oot
If yer no usin them ennymer cood a by yer stilletos espeshally if there a size ,9
But if they ur enny bigger al get sum insoles name proablem
Take Care… Tommy​:pill::pill::pill::baby_bottle::syringe::grin:


Aye tricky look at the fingers on my profile that’s just for you ha ha !!! Gonna get ma supper now but checked the shoe size fourteen !!! You know what they say aboot men wi big feet - big socks !! No socks ya blind bas…d. Right my tatties are ready Tommy so tooraloo am gone


A did notice the fingers in the picture but a jist thoat ye wur Dane a Winston Churchill impression .
Aye an a micht be a b*****d but am no f****n blin yet HAHA
THE shoes ur nae gid
You’ll need tae get up a wee bit earlier the morra tae goan shake they cans eh
Cos ma wee blin eyes huv noticed yiv
gote a lot o face tae wash noo
I’d gi it aboot ten minits I Wiz you
Good Luck… Tommy


Aye yo good eye sight you noticed like the rest what a pretty boy a am !! Well it’s an unfair world right enough , cough cough !! Where’s your profile T come on geese a swaz stoop hiding :grinning: You like typin Tommy ? Cause al keep ya busy wi nice compliments aw night ? Tv is crap if I get my wig an high heels on I can type at speed . You doing okay Tommy ?


Am spot oan Ian
An a no the halfords thing wis a joak
Cos av herd the aw cocktail mixer, Shaking Stevens and no tae forget dae the shake n vac etc
If yes wur gettin a Joab at halfords it wid be as their fitba team coach.
They wid take awe yir teeth oot an pit seats in eh
Aye an cin type cos am obviously no blin
A dae however huv sarcastic eyeballs an tounge that kin cut like a lock knife
But a still think me and wid hiv a gid nicht oot .
Dinna tak it took serious it is only a joke
T1 is that better noo .