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Hi Ian, great to hear from you again and can I just say that I would like to send you my good wishes for your health and happiness for the coming year,

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family around you including your best pal Buddy, I would also like to tell you it was a pleasure meeting you and Catriona in York, it was a brilliant weekend.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and a prosperous New Year!








Hi Ian

I was sorry when you decided to leave as you were one of the first to welcome me when I joined the forum. I enjoyed reading your posts.

My bees are dozing through the winter. Merlin doing well, although his once lovely fluffy has yet to recover from Cherry's pulling. Cherry's getting bigger, lovely wavy chestnut coloured coat.

Very best wishes to you, Catriona and Buddy for Christmas and the New Year


Hi Ian,

Although we’re terribly sad to see you leave the forum; we understand your reasons for doing so.

We’re happy that you’ve formed some great friendships via the forum and we wish you all the best for the future. Please be rest assured that you can re-visit the forum at any time as you are always welcome here and thank you for your contribution over the past year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! smile

All the best,

Community Manager at Parkinson's UK


Aye aye all am back in the old site now but don’t know who the profile pic is as am far better looking ha ha ha !! Who’s .aboot ??


Hiya Ian - is it really you, you old bugg-- lol, how are you for goodness sake? Still riding your bike over the hills and far away? We have all missed your banter on here . Glad you are back

Sheila xx


Aye aye chuckles
Am just. Visiting ha ha !! Hope all is well with you catriona says hello , buddy’s a year old now , not been on the bike a lot this year , and I lost your address :rage: Good to hear from you though chuckles take care tooraloo xx


Please keep in touch, and post every so often! Say hello back to Catriona for me and a pat on the head for Buddy if he has been behaving

All the best - Sheila


Buddy is like Brian and myself Angels !!! :innocent:With Tacketty boots ha ha . Aye al give a look in to see all the news . Do you hear from anyone o the crew that was on here before ? We will need to get the crack , is smoggy still alive ? I meant to say is he on here at all ha ha !! Nothing changes eh tooraloo catch up soon xx


Yes a a Bonnie day in the highlands , hope your all smiling :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:happy days !!! Trying to lay slabs today. O aye here we go !! Buddy will do his usual chasing beasties and digging holes ha ha !!! Good to be alive tooraloo am gone xx


Morning Ian - Haven’t heard anything from Smoggie, Biscuits, Suzi or Lexi. Barbara is still on here under the name of babswood, ANNE29 is still on, that’s about all now.

Keep moving!

Sheila x


Hi Ian long time no hear.How you.and Catriona doing.
Hopefully see you on here a bit more nice crowd of people. On the forum

Phil doing okay . My oldest son was married in October was brilliant and fother son.has bought.his own house. So now Phil and I are on.our own
Lobe to catriona x x x
Nan’s x


Aye aye chuckels and tartan terror good to hear your all well, aye Sheila. It’s too quiet aboot here need to have words where is my old pal daffy I wonder ? Aye Barbra you will find it strange you will tidy the hoose and it stays that way good eh !!! Cat says hello , well laid slabs the day catriona and I good job well done . Then we. Took buddy to the river to get dirt of him he was digging in a peat bog and was filthy . Tomorow I am going to start to build a garden shed busy boy just now take care all tooraloo am gone xx


You still here Ruth ?? Pup must be a dog now . And what aboot the bees ?
Tooraloo. Am gone


Good god bluebell
What have you done am typing like a thrashing mill on here ha ha ha !!! Ach well it gives me something to do now and then , next time you visit you wiil need to have more time and I promise I won’t hamish jump all over your car ha ha ! Hope your getting the weather we are Suns burning my baldy heed ha ha !! Take care bluebell am of to get my tatties tooraloo am gone xx


Hi Ian,

Good to hear from you. Yes I am still here, but not very regularly. Seems to have been a lot going on here at home recently.
Yes Cherry’s a big girl now 11 months. Not as big as Merlin who is only a small collie anyway. She’s very dainty and girly but rather headstrong so we have “a few words” now and then. But she’s amazingly empathetic. If anyone is down or upset she fusses around them very concerned.
Hope you, your wife and buddy keeping well


Hi Ian,
Glad to see your back on here.
Lots of good poets on here now,if I remember you were good at that too,maybe you will get one done too.
Sunny here today it’s been 3 nice days hope it continues.
Cheers blue bell


Yes a lovely day here in.central Scotland.
Sitting in garden enjoying the sun
May as well as might not last.
Babs x Hope all my friends on here are well. ps including Tommy’s hamster! ! !



Dear moderator
Am not smiling as trying to get on here is like trying to break into Fort Knox stupid passwords ect sorry but it’s ot for me stressing to do something that could be made easy . It’s not like anybody cares about what we shakers type so come on simplify things up please (.you have ruined it in my point of view ) so I can’t be bothered with secret passwords and e mail as well , it’s not like anyone wants all this secrecy or they wouldn’t type in the first place


And just before I depart who is the woman’s face on my profile as I certainly never put it there ???


Hi Ian,

How are you? I’m really sorry that the new-look forum is giving you trouble. It’s taking some getting used to for some people including myself. What issues are you having? Is it with the passwords? You could try accepting your browser’s suggestion to remember the password for this site if it prompts you.

Let us help you, tell us if you can what problems you are having and I’m sure we can tackle them together. About the lady in the picture, have you tried uploading an avatar of your choice for your profile?

Best wishes,
Mara - Moderation Team