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Hi Ian,

How are you doing now? Buddy sounds a great companion. Yes Cherry is shaping up well  now, She seems much closer to me than Merlin who likes company - but not too much. Cherry has become my little shadow, she looks right into my eyes with such an intelligent expression - but maybe I'm just daft and reading too much into it.

I was wondering if maybe a woodpecker had raided your wasps nest. Bee keepers around here have to protect their hives over winter with wire netting. I don't know about mice etc, though I suppose wasp grubs are nice little protein packages...




Hi Barbara - Didn't know you had been in hospital so here's hoping you are well and on the way to a full recovery!

All the best - Sheila


Thanks Sheila was back in hospital because of my back so now on morphine hourly for pain have been told they are reluctant to operate as  the risks are so high possibly not walk not again.

i have been told 3 discs are out of place and one is a bulging disc pressing  down on the nerves going into, my leg..

Just want to walk properly for my sons wedding.

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your new grandchild .

All the best

Barbara x x x 





Barbara really do hope you get your wish. xx

My daughter had a bulging disc in her back pressing on her nerve also from a fall she had at work, and to be able to walk down the  aisle on her wedding day she had to have an injection into the base of her spine, she was so brave, this was done a few days before she married. She had to lay on her back for three days to make it work, and it did work thankfully, she walked down the aisle, I was so proud I cried.Whether you could have the same sort of injection I'm not sure, I believe it was a steriod injection, it's worth asking about. 

But I hope you enjoy your day which ever way you manage, I'm sure it would please your son for you to be just there on the day for him and his bride for him to remember and cherish.

All the very best for the day, take care - love Sheila x


Hi Ian,

Haven't heard from you in a while. How are you doing now?



Hi Sheila

Thanks for your good wishes.

Hope you are keeping well

Where is Ian these days he has not been on for a while.? Hope he is doing okay.

Speak soon x x x 


Hi,Nice to meet you.I am new to this forum.




Hi Herbalist 50 - welcome to the forum!





Hello Glasgowgirl - think Ian's taken a sabatical, he's not been too good by the sounds of things. Hope you are getting by.



Thank You Shefinn for your welcome note.Good luck.



Hi Ian - hope you are enjoying your sabatical and keeping on an even keel, and staying fit and well. Take good care of yourself and give my regards to Catriona!


Chuckles x


Hello all from us here in the  highlands 

hope your all doing okay , am not on here much these days but doing fine and keeping busy well that's all from catriona buddy and I . 

Tooraloo ian xx 




Well hello there stranger! good to hear from you and glad you are both (sorry three of you) are doing well, miss your banter. Come back soon!

Chuckles x


Hi Ian,

It's good to see you posting again. Hope you three are ok.

We're having our family bonfire here tonight. My husband and I had thought we would quitely drop it and not bother. But the grand children thought otherwise. "But it's family tradition" we were told. So here we go again. It's good fun though. The dogs will stay in the kitchen as usual. Curtains drawn, lights and radio on.

Cherry is being a naughty girl and has pulled a lot of hair from Merlin's tail by pulling on it. It's a job to know how to break the habit. D


Hi Daffy how ya going? Happy bonfire day!.


Hi Ian,

Yes good to see you are ok,hopefully you will post more regularly as I know people miss your chats.I bet it's cold up,your way now,it's colder here now.Our oldest daughter ('the one with the dog)left yesterday on a 12 day cycling trip to capetown we have Tara here for the 2 weeks.She is old now over 14 very deaf (like me and Fred)too bad dogs don't get hearing aids!!Also nearly blind but still manages a couple of walks a day and still likes her food so that's good.

Well Ian time for bed for us old ones just wanted to say hello Cheers say hi to Catriona..Anne (bluebell)






Dear moderator Tom 

       i got your e mail to say it's wrong    That the gay sites not for my song 

but what gives me the big surprise      Is that the gay site can advertise 

Hopeing they can meet someone     All my tune was just for fun. 

We  may not always seem to agree      But that s the difference with you and me 

so I will just keep oot the road     Scllence will now be my code 

good luck now from me to you     That's me done its tooraloo



Have you been hit with the unreasonable stick ?

You chatted and met up with people in York,

I met some forum members in Hexham,

No one said anything about that.. I put a thread up to meet people in my area, there are other threads asking to meet others with similar interests and lifestyles.

The point being, why isn't it ok for gays to do the same?

Have a whisky or two and maybe reconsider ?  


Anyway, keep posting I enjoy reading most of your stuff and wouldn't be the only one to miss you...


  P.S  try not to blow a gasket 




Hello there 

hope you are all ready for Xmas as its getting near now I don't post on here now as I have PD problems enough and to be on here makes me read things I don't need to know but I enjoyed all our chats with those of you that know of me . Since being on the forum I have become a very good freind with kev ( the  wizzard of Ozz )  and we don't talk just about our own PD but all about life in our own country I am great full for all that th forum did for us . Any way merry Xmas and a happy new year when it comes around so I will say tooraaloo for now thank you all the best  



Hi Ian,

Nice to hear from you again,can understand why you don't post now but really pleased to have met you and Catriona, and I think it's great you keep so much in touch with the Wizard of oz,I really do miss his posts and I am sure lots of others do as well.

Hope you have a nice Christmas and a Happy New year to you too.Who knows might bump into you when up your way again.

Cheers Ian from blue bell.