A happy place a smiley face


Sheila how are you ? 

I have had a harder time lately shaking , and no Sheila I don't need to put water in it as I don't drink spirits at all although I do like a tin of lager but no not a drink shake I take more Meds now and I think it's making me rattle . Moan moan ha ha !! Am still here though , take care chuckles xx 


Aye aye Barbra 

not benn on the forum for a wee while . Hope Phil and yourself are fine I read somewhere your son was getting we'd hope that went well , seven o clock at night and it's dark hellish I don't know where times going this year . Take care speak soon tooraloo xx 


supa how how are you doing ? 

Cant remember when you said you were going on holiday god luck  to you anyway hope it all goes well take care sunflower xx 


Hi Ian

We don’t go away until the 14th. As long as RyanAir planes are still flying!

Last speech therapy session today, has been good, need to keep practicing though.

I hate the early dark evenings too! Makes the useful part of day soooo short. Went out yesterday on tandem, first time since I broke my wrist 8 weeks ago, only 7 miles, but its a start. Look forward to going out on solo bike and a proper ride to a cake & coffee stop.

All best.





Awe IAN I hope you are keeping ok, keep your chin up. Hope your meds are working ok, it doesn't sound as if they are to me, perhaps a word with your parkinsons nurse might help. I'll be thinking of you, so take care - Sheila


Hi Ian, I've a busy few days ahead so probably won't be posting for a bit. Hope Buddy's behaving himself and being considerate of how you feel just now. Take care Ruth


Hi Ian

Hope you keeping better.

Its ups and downs with this parkie eh.

Mostly at the moment downs so fingers crossed for better days.! ! !  X x x 


Aye aye folks how's it going 

it's getting pretty cold here in the highlands now a real hard frost before sunrise ( six thirty ) the leaves are falling like snow .  Buddy is growing fast and still very good at breaking wind  our last dog never made the room smell like buddy can catriona keeps on saying are you sure it was buddy !   Been outside the day  trying to use a chainsaw but this PD takes me a day to do what I used to do in half an hour and I can still muck it all up . The saw we have is a johnsred and its nearly fifty years old !!  , well that's all our news from the highlands take care all soon be Xmas . Bet your all thinking oh no  ha ha ha !!  Tooraloo folks xx




Hi Ian - is that just about your age then? Time you bought a new one skinflint, no the wonder it takes you twice as long besides having parky! Brian's just as bad though he had been struggling with the same  hedge trimmer for 20 odd years doing our conifers, then he bought a new one on offer, now it takes him half the time so he has time to fit in another cup of coffee plus more biscuits! I should take your chainsaw to the antiques road show if its in your area, it might be worth a fortune!!

You take care and say hello to Catriona for me, all the best - Chuckles   




It's a happy place and smiley face today, the sun is shining, even if the wind IS blowing, and things are looking good. Hubbies gone fishing for a few hours  (hope he gets a sheltered spot) and daughter is taking me shopping. Tomorrow is mum's 87th birthday so taking her for afternoon tea with my sister and our hubbies. The best thing of all is I think my cough is actually fading away!!! Yippee - sez me as I have one more cough! 

 HAPPY DAYS - Chuckles


Aye aye folks 

well I've always said it we know we have PD but for myself personally I nave learnt what a real meltdown  is , catriona ( my wife ) kept warning me but I kept on saying I'm fine today I learnt big time I'm not as I couldn't do anything my body just gave up and I have slept since this morning . For some time now I have been out working with wood ( heavy trees ) a lot of lifting cutting with a heavy chainsaw and bang today my body gave up I haven't felt like this before so all out there reading this be careful we are NOT the same as we were before this dam PD !! But when you have worked all your life it's just so dam hard to accept , but I can honestly say now it's dangerous I ignored all the shaking but I'm warning as I wonder if this drugs hipe us up too much , I have been running on virtual no sleep oh bla bla !! Don't know why I am posting all this but that's there it is please all just be carefull . Goodnight all TAKE IT EASY PLEASE  no matter how your brain tricks your body . Sweet dreams 


Hi Ian, 

Sorry to hear your struggling more now,it's when something like this happens you know all about it you should listen to catriona now ,!!Do as she says and you will improve again and get back to cutting wood for the winter I am sure you will already have enough,hopefully the winter won't be too bad,look after yourself now.Cheers Anne (blue bell)





Aye aye Anne 

aye it's all my own fault nobody else's but I learnt the hard way for sure the head trying to rule the body but such an easy trap to fall into . Hope your doing okay yoursel . Tooraloo bluebell 

catch you later xx



The trouble is IAN, your brain is telling  you can do it but in actual fact your body can't, so your brain  has  been sending out the wrong signals. Hope you soon feel better and are back posting with us



Aye aye chuckles 

aye am a skinflint but my 50 year old saw is going good so why buy a new one a saw just cuts as good as the chain that's on it . Am a lumber jack and I don't care ha ha !! X


I saw a saw but I never saw a saw that could saw like the saw that I saw at the sawmill   !! Ha ha !  

Eat that. !! 




Ha Ha that's good, now let me know if you can still say it after you've had a few bevvies! 


Slaw saws laws  slams slaw aw uk it I give up ha ha how's all you folks doing ? 


Hi Ian,

Sounds like you've had a rough time of it lately. It does go hard when you're used to being physically active and can't do so much. Sleep's a great restorative sometimes.

We've had a weeks self catering break in Derbyshire, with both dogs of course. Just pottered lazily around. Very nice rural area which suits us fine as we're not townies. Nice to be home in my own bed though.

Went to the J R in Oxford on Monday. I volunteered to be part of research. 9 visits, each 3 months apart. My husband comes too as one of the "healthy controls". It was our 4th visit. We're put through 1.5 hours worth of tests but it's not at all arduous.

Apparently I'm one of the "lucky" ones as I'm progressing very slowly so far. Which is good to hear but of course I know it won't necessarily always be that way.

To end on a light note - I was brushing my teeth last night and became aware I was no longer alone. Cherry was on her hind legs beside me. Feet on the edge of the basin watching very intently. I couldn't tell her off for laughing, she looked so cute. She's developing a lovely character.

Speak to you soon Ruth


Aye aye daffy 

how are you getting  on these days ? I think by the sound of it you have a good pup with cherry sounds like your understanding each other well it's funny we learn them but we also get to know how they think I know I study buddy all the time , your holiday sounded good but like you we are rural country folk and there is no place quite like home . My wasps nest has a dirty big hole in it how I am not sure but something must have done it no more wasps now !! It was up in the rafters of the shed ?? Well got to go buddy's giving me the look to get off out ha ha tooraloo Ruth take care  xx 


Hi All

Just out of hospital yet again.. so hopefully now be able to join in conversations again ! !! 

H ope you all coping.

X x x