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Aye aye daffy

I know what you mean the wobbly hands can't be too good aw I think we all just feel sorry for ourselves I do sometimes anyway on that note hope you never need a scooter . It's great how we all adapt though on the bright side you will be good at shaking the bees off their combs ha ha  !! Good job am not beside you or I'd be getting a slap for that one !! Ha ha we have to laugh daffy or we would cry , you take care of yourself tooraaloo xx


Goodnight all big grin


Hi Isn

More questions!

Thinking about scooters, does yours have a handlebar brake?

Have you used it Inside shops or only outside?




Just to let you all know, chickened out of going to Cornwall. Brian happy cos he can get some more gardening done. Still don't feel 100per cent...........




Oh what a lovely morning, feeling a tad better, wishing I'd gone to Cornwall now, oh well!

Yea Brian on garden getting it ready for winter coming, then he's got sons to do, then daughters and my mums, loves to be out in the open, then he'll have a days fishing here and there.

Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend!!



Aye a aye chuckles 

if Brian's not doing anything I've got a really. Big garden , I cut the grass and that's  it . Aye. You should have went to Cornwall tell Brian the garden will still be there when you get back . Are you sure the poor man likes gardening ha ha !! Catch you later am off oot to cut wood , hope you feel better soon tooraloo xx 


Aye aye 

         It's awful quiet the night ? O

Wait what's that noise ? 



Noise?.... There's a moose loose aboot this hoose!!



Yep Ian, Brian does like gardening, honestly, and believe it or not I don't have to twist his arm..........he has also painted a wall for the next door neighbour, washed and vacuumed the car, put washing out and cut all three lawns. I do feel a lot better thanks for asking.Aye it's getting worse on here for postings, don't know where everyone is

Anyway night for now, sleep tight Chuckles



Hi Ian. No, I wouldn't slap you, you're probably taller than me and may retaliate! Joking aside, I don't seem to shake much when handling bees. And they like slow, considered movements - sound familiar? And funnily enough I always seem to sleep better the night after handling them. It's not hard work so I'm wondering if it's the Queen's pheromones affecting me. I did eventually mention this to my mentor, who didn't pooh pooh the idea at all. He told me about a serious breakdown he had experienced years ago and he's convinced his bees saved him! Neither of us is "new agey" if you know what I mean. Bees don't actually "know" their keepers - they're insects after all. But there's definitely something unexplained going on. I find it fascinating anyway. What a long rabbiting on post. I'd better go. Speak to you soon. Ruth


Hi ian good to see you blethering away.

i have not been too good hence why ive not been on,

Nice to see familiar people. I hope alll going well for you. X


Hi Sheila

Hope you feeling better.

Yes my first fake tan was good. Lasted about 1 week. So getting it done again for wedding.

So excited about wedding.

Sorry not been on as i have not been good,

Take Care x x x 


Ian Phil says to say hello to you.

Hope to have a pint with you again.



Sorry am a wee bit shaky the night I will post soon  I pads so quick 


Okay Dokey Ian.

hopefully speak soon, x x  x

PS hope Catriona doing okay


Aye aye daffy 

aye if the bees help stick at it if you fell better I don't feel any better when I go to our shed as the wasps nest is so big now , but fair play to them they haven't stung me yet , only thing that bothers me is buddy he chases moths and bugs a and if he gets a wasp it won't be so good . Cherry is probably the same I would imagine . Good to hear from you Ruth take care xx 


Aye aye Barbra 

aye am not posting as much as my hands are a wee bit shakey and this I pad if I try to get one letter I hit up about four of them then have to sit and rub them oot it's a pest . I am off out now as I have to go to the tip with rubbish we had a big clear out in the atick take it easy tooraloo xx 



hopefully speak soon.




Hi all - I'm a  fisherman's widow today as they say, Brian's gone off for a bit of me time, and i'm having a go at the Sun crossword, don't know whether i'm getting thicker or they are making the damn things harder *#?:+!! But I'm having a go then maybe have a nap in between and finish it off by cheating and getting answers up on computer later!

Ian, try taking a wee bit more water with the whiskey it does wonders, but don't blame me if it does'nt work and ruins your drink.!

Hi Barbara - glad to see you back and feeling better.

Where's Smoggy gone? getting his garden tidied for the winter? or making the home brew ready for christmas? or both, and sampling as you go along??

All the best everyone Chuckles


Hi Ian,

Sorry you're going through a bit of a rough patch. You're braver than me going into a shed with a wasps nest in it. I think we have a  nest nearby as we've caught Cherry stalking  a wasp several times. She's most indignant when someone steps in and spoils her game.

I quite like tip trips as we have quite a bit to get rid of now that we've closed the plant nursery my husband and I ran for the past 30 years. We've had a skip or two but I quite like a tip trip on my own now and then. Hubby is amazed at how much I can fit in the car and I prefer to go on my own as no one seems to query wether the stuff tipped is commercial when it's a woman tipping it.

speak to you again soon


Aye aye daffy 

aye I am still tip tripping as catriona is clearing some amount of stuff so from now on if we don't use it off it goes as our cub boards were stuffed with so called handy stuff . Aw you just have to be brutal and get rid . The wasps in our shed are quiet now think it's to cold for them . I had awful time of the shakes lately an d just gave up trying to type on the forum as when I wanted one letter I was hitting the I pad about six times so I was spending all my time trying to correct it , well that's my news for now tooraloo Ruth xx