A Proper Chat room Needed

HV has mentioned it and I agree the forum needs a proper chat lounge as its much easier than putting up threads. I been into other forums chat lounges and its a great way of getting know
people. What do you think and is it feasible.

That would be brilliant. Certainly feasible, but needs manpower to implement and then support.

I agree. I am on another forum where this is possible and it so easy to tslk to people directly. Here you have to disclose your email address to talk to folks and not everyone wants to do that.

I am in contact with a few people on this site via e mail but, instant messaging/chat room is brilliant. The facility to also speak to people privately, when in a chat room, and still not rev eal your e mail address is great.

I am in contact with a group of people who have set up their own chat room because the one connected with the site was closed down.

Any IT buffs out there who could do this? Apparently it is not difficult.

Any offers??

I think the link for setting this up is Parachat.

I would want the chat room here my loyalty to this site is paramount and I would not go off site

would love to just chat as dont no what ever at a poinnt were do i tell people i dont rearly no but hay they saw that shake is he a drunk well mmmmmmm carnt be anthin else well im just waffelin on lol please someone e mail me not good with computers i justy have spoke to someone who has the same as me

great idear

to have a chat room is a very good idea as it can be more personal as long as we do not get time wasters on.

The chat rooms I been into never have time wasterrs and your more likely have them on open forum

I'm sure genuine chatters would make time-wasters and griefers wish they had picked somewhere else to play! I think this a great idea and would love to see it happen.


Come on ladies give us your view and ii been into a few and they are ssfe enviroment to be in.

dont understand this thing about chat rooms does that mean you wont be on this site no more excause lack of knowleadge but ive just about got to grips with this site :exclamation::fearful:

ps robfen this doesnt make me a lady :grin:

tried to send email back keep sendin it to myelf lol what im i doin wrong

think im invisable lol

Where are you?


how are you lukey

As a lady ( don't you dare)

As with everything, they are as safe as you allow them to be. There is always going to be an element of "the sort" that will prey on what they see as defenceless females. And sadly in our environment of illness and drugs, we all sometimes get down, and this is when some ladies are taken advantage of. As we have had testament of this on the forum only recently. So as much as I might like to a chat room here on the forum, I would also like it to have some kind of policing to protect folk from the predators that are on the forum.
I also think that there should be a tell and shame policy for these eventualities

Hi again Dadio,

Don't be silly, your not invisible,