Aches and pains


I have begun to notice ( three years since diagnosis) an increase in the number and intensity of aches and pains, mainly down my left side but spreading to the right side at times. It is affecting my sleep and making my days rather uncomfortable. I take Paracetamol but I don't want to overdo it. I don't know whether to try and see my GP (no easy thing these days), try and bring forward the appointment with my consultant due in four months or try and see a nurse in the neurology department. Does anybody, based on their experience, have any advice?


wrote a bit in treatments and therpys,and yes the stiffness gets worse in winter,im on co-codomols quite good ive had pd for 8yrs got bad nerve pain aswell but everybodys different,part of parkys


My 13yr old lab dog takes glucosamine,chondroitin for joint aid helps her alot she can now get up and down stairs.heard you can these from pharmacy & gps has any one treid them for parkinsons joints and stiffness,ps dont how they would go with pd meds.just thought id throw something new in.!


My husband has a hand tremor but in the last 3 months he has had a lot of pain with it.Ibuprofen doesnt help anymore.The GP has just given him some Naproxen tablets to try.He has a searing pain from his thumb to his elbow all the time.Is this common in Parkinsons?


Personally I would bypass the GP and definitely try to get to see the specialist first, however if that proves difficult then contact the nurse. If it requires investigation it would be better to see the consultant.


pain is very common with pd.i am on co-codomol for pain,aswell  as gabapentin,amitryline,for nerve pain,& when pain gets  really bad,diplofenics aswell. so i would say yes


Hi Gus my mum is on all those for her pain too, do you find that any of them really help you and do you suffer from any stomach problems because of them? 





Thanks.We are due to see the hospital in a month's time.The tablets havent helped yet


I was diagnosed only 3 months ago with young onset pd. been getting cramp like pains down back of legs pain common in pd patients due to muscles getting rigid



it well could be,there are alot of pain symtoms with pd sorry! have a word with your gp to manage the cramps & pain.


Do pd symtoms get worse when you are stressed? I have had family problems recently and have been stressed and my pd seems to be it in my head or does that happen, be grateful for any comments.


i have had pd for 8yrs ,yes it does get worse when stressed ,ie tremors & shaking


Golly, Candy, do symptoms ever get worse under stress! As Gus says, it increases tremors (well it does to me). The really bizarre thing is that previously-unstressful things now stress me. Catching a train is now a palaver.

(On the other hand - yep it's in one's head!)



I think leg cramps are common with neurologic problems.  I had  them about 2 weeks after diagnosis and they were quite cruel;  however, with a regime of mirapex and amantadine, they are now much less common and much less severe - maybe once every 2 months at 3 on a scale of 10.  Before that, they tortured me several times a week at a 9 or 10.

You bet stress aggravates the condition.  Like Semele, I now find myself being stressed by the oddest of things.  For example, I can get stressed watching TV.   Shows  like Blacklist through The Good Wife can make my right hand lose control as the tremor reappears.

Has anyone encountered cold feet and hands to the point of being painful?  I have them usually when I lie down and it has nothing to do with the fact it is -30C outside.



yeh cold & feet are comom aswell in pd,refered to as raynards its the flow of blood,have you had your blood pressure checked pd meds can cause high bp,!


feet & hands sorry!


I have had several aches and pains and calf cramps, mainly down my left side, I am loathe to blame Parkinsons for all these but the more I read here and other PD sites,  it looks like they might all be linked, my girlfriend says I must not blame it all on PD but finding it hard not too.



Most of my aches and pains diminished after taking up daily exercises (suggested by a physiotherapist and designed to target the relevant muscles and joints) and learning relaxation techniques. Everyone is different, but it's worth a try, and if you exercise carefully there are no side effects.


Thank you everyone for replying to my post much appreciated.