Advanced Parkinsons and positive hints/ tips please


My mum has had Parkinsons for 15 years. She is very down at the moment that she cannot do the things she used to be able to do. Do any of you have any practical hints and tips on things that might help/ that she might still be able to do. For example,

  • When it is now almost impossible to use a smart phone or ipad without having jumbled letters, what advances in technology are there?

  • When my mum used to like to knit but this now proves impossible, what crafts can she do that still keep her occupied? I got her ‘easy’ adult colouring books and easy grip crayons. Any other ideas?

  • Any other practical ideas for things that will improve her quality of life and enjoyment would be appreciated. Thanks


Hi @HavanaS,

I hope all is well.

My sincere apologies for my delayed response to your post, it appears to have slipped off my radar some how which wasn’t intentional at all. I remember you contacted us towards the end of last year regarding your mum and we responded with a few options then. You can view it again here.

We also have a lot of information on our website equipment, living aids and technology that you may find useful. However, if you’d like additional support, you can contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 and they’ll be able to offer advice specific to your mum’s needs.

I do hope you find the above information useful and please let me know if there’s any other way that I can help you.

Take care,


Thanks Reah
Yes- I have made several posts over time as my mum’s Parkinson’s progresses. I do read the helpful comments that you post and last time I did contact the Parkinson’s helpline who have been amazing.

However, in addition, sometimes you just want some hints and tips from people who are actually living through the experience- even if only to empathise or give some insights/ share frustrations at not knowing what to do for the best etc.

I visited the section of the site that you mentioned but didn’t find it that inspiring to be honest. It’s all a bit ‘functional’ and I was really looking for fun, innovative things to keep my mum bouyant and focus on what she ‘can’ still do, rather than look at ‘equipment’ to help with feeding etc.


Hi @HavanaS,

No problem at all - you are most welcome.

I’m glad you’ve found our helpline service useful, however, it’s unfortunate that you didn’t find the information that you were looking for via the link I sent you. If you’re looking for innovative things for your mum to get involved in, you can look into local groups in her area which will give her an opportunity to socialise with other people affected by Parkinson’s.

Exercise is also a great way to keep your mum buoyant and we have different exercise options for people at different stages of their Parkinson’s journey.

Best wishes,