Advice on urinary urgency in elderly

Hi, my mum is wanting to get up a number of times at night and need help of carer, disturbs sleep for her and others, any advice on best way to cope and improve quality of life. I believe this is one of the symptoms of parkinson although she is on co-careldopa.

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Welcome to the community! Our members will surely be along soon to share their experiences with you and offer some suggestions for your mum. Until then, we hope you will find this information about bladder and bowel problems helpful.
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Hi, I am elderly, suffer from PD and frequent urgency to urinate. For what its worth I also take Co-Careldopa but I am not aware has any connection with the urge to urinate. During the day time when I am out and about in my local home town, I have made it my business to familiarise myself with every toilet available for Public use. During the night, I keep a small bucket by my bedside. These suggestions may strike you as blindingly obvious but I have to admit they were slow to dawn on me. There may be some medication you can take to reduce the urgency but I have not pursued that line as yet. Best wishes to your mum

Hello my dad also has this issue. I would suggest she speaks to her gp with yourself, i will be getting a condom catheter for my dad so urine can drain into a bag in the night, no need to get up. I know there are female versions. Or there are other incontinence products you could consider. Best option to discuss with gp as depends on urine output too :slight_smile: