Do many of you have the odd drink.
I myself feel as if it helps me.
I would like to hear other peopled view on this .

Babs X


‘A little wine for the stomach’ :smile:



I have a.wee glass of wine or a gin and tonic most evenings, with no apparent side effects


Hello to Babs, Beaux And Beth,
The Three Bs (sounds like a pop group).

I have 1 unit, five evenings a week, either wine or a small beer. If it’s a nice wine I may stray to 2 units.
Over 2 and there is a bad reaction probably to do with alcohol and Madopar?

(Look forward to your first hit).


Hi Babs

untill yesterday i havent had a drink since november
but i will admit this
shamefully yesterday was a bad day,
it was a day when i finished off the half bottle of jack daniels mixed with cider in under 3 hrs
when my wife was at work
but even after the amount i drank it made no diffrence it gave me no release
all i got was a massive headache
plus a real good telling off from my sons , wife was upset at how much i drank but understood
my 2 sons have removed ALL alcahol from the house but i dont care

ive learnt my lesson

take care
god bless


I find that having a couple or three drinks in the evening helps with my tremor and also helps me sleep. I try not to do it too often though as I know it will be bad for other things!


Hi all,
I tend to have a glass of wine fri/sat. I don’t drink as much as i used to as when I’m tired i feel a bit drunk anyway. Depends on the meds you’re on i guess. But i do feel a glass of wine at home relaxes me. I Try not to drink when out socialising as i don’t want to fall flat on my face!
Keith, hope you don’t feel too bad about your little hiccup (pardon the pun), sometimes you need a blowout to get things into perspective.


A little of what you fancy does you good ‘as they say’ but as long as you know not to overdo it! I get wobbly legs after only two small drinks and am bothered if I show myself up by falling, so in moderation my friends! Enjoy!!

Sheila x


I have a small beer and a glass of wine every evening.
Just before bed I have a shot of Brandy or Whiskey.
A massive reduction from what I drank in the past.


Hi Hubby.
Hope you okay.

Sounds good to me.
With what we go through in a day. I think you deserve it.
My hubby and I usually have a small drink in an evening.My hubby drinks lager and sometimes if its during the week a small glass of wine for me.
Saving the Bacardi and coke for the weekend.!!!
My husband has Chronic myeloid leukaemia and still works full time.
So I think we deffo deserve a small drink in the evening.
Take Care and apologise for the rambling on (That’s what happens once you get started)
Babs x


Babs I am loving your input.
Never apologise for rambling.
Since coming on this forum I have felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders.
From feeling alone and like everything was only happening to me I feel that I am talking to people who are going through the same feelings and fears.


Cheers hubby

Babs x


I treat myself to a single malt whiskey most nights
Cant beat a single malt
Doesnt make a slightest change to the hand tremors
But it tastes so nice
Or if my wife hides it , a couple shots of jack daniels

if you fancy sharing the barcardi, txt me, i’ll be there before you open the bottle
A few drinks some rock n roll
Got to practice the rolling though but the rocking ive down to a tee lol
Take care