Do many of you have the odd drink.
I myself feel as if it helps me.
I would like to hear other peopled view on this .

Babs X

‘A little wine for the stomach’ :smile:


I have a.wee glass of wine or a gin and tonic most evenings, with no apparent side effects

Hello to Babs, Beaux And Beth,
The Three Bs (sounds like a pop group).

I have 1 unit, five evenings a week, either wine or a small beer. If it’s a nice wine I may stray to 2 units.
Over 2 and there is a bad reaction probably to do with alcohol and Madopar?

(Look forward to your first hit).

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Hi Babs

untill yesterday i havent had a drink since november
but i will admit this
shamefully yesterday was a bad day,
it was a day when i finished off the half bottle of jack daniels mixed with cider in under 3 hrs
when my wife was at work
but even after the amount i drank it made no diffrence it gave me no release
all i got was a massive headache
plus a real good telling off from my sons , wife was upset at how much i drank but understood
my 2 sons have removed ALL alcahol from the house but i dont care

ive learnt my lesson

take care
god bless

I find that having a couple or three drinks in the evening helps with my tremor and also helps me sleep. I try not to do it too often though as I know it will be bad for other things!

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Hi all,
I tend to have a glass of wine fri/sat. I don’t drink as much as i used to as when I’m tired i feel a bit drunk anyway. Depends on the meds you’re on i guess. But i do feel a glass of wine at home relaxes me. I Try not to drink when out socialising as i don’t want to fall flat on my face!
Keith, hope you don’t feel too bad about your little hiccup (pardon the pun), sometimes you need a blowout to get things into perspective.

A little of what you fancy does you good ‘as they say’ but as long as you know not to overdo it! I get wobbly legs after only two small drinks and am bothered if I show myself up by falling, so in moderation my friends! Enjoy!!

Sheila x

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I have a small beer and a glass of wine every evening.
Just before bed I have a shot of Brandy or Whiskey.
A massive reduction from what I drank in the past.

Hi Hubby.
Hope you okay.

Sounds good to me.
With what we go through in a day. I think you deserve it.
My hubby and I usually have a small drink in an evening.My hubby drinks lager and sometimes if its during the week a small glass of wine for me.
Saving the Bacardi and coke for the weekend.!!!
My husband has Chronic myeloid leukaemia and still works full time.
So I think we deffo deserve a small drink in the evening.
Take Care and apologise for the rambling on (That’s what happens once you get started)
Babs x

Babs I am loving your input.
Never apologise for rambling.
Since coming on this forum I have felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders.
From feeling alone and like everything was only happening to me I feel that I am talking to people who are going through the same feelings and fears.

Cheers hubby

Babs x

I treat myself to a single malt whiskey most nights
Cant beat a single malt
Doesnt make a slightest change to the hand tremors
But it tastes so nice
Or if my wife hides it , a couple shots of jack daniels

if you fancy sharing the barcardi, txt me, i’ll be there before you open the bottle
A few drinks some rock n roll
Got to practice the rolling though but the rocking ive down to a tee lol
Take care

Hi All,

I’m not really a big drinker in any ways. Most likely had less than 15 pints this year, but when my uncle comes over from Cyprus (he only pops over maybe once or twice a year), we usually always go out together for a couple of scoops whilst watching a few live bands or maybe a quiet chat at his old watering holes (it’s kind of a family tradition for us both over the last 10 years)

Now I’ve just started taking Co-Careldopa (25mg/100mg) and haven’t touched a drop since starting them.

So, my question is I’ve noted that it doesn’t say you cannot drink. But are the effects that others have found with the tablets and mixing them with booze, I really enjoy going out with my uncle and I don’t want him to feel out of odds which I know he won’t if I don’t drink, but its just one of those things, I’ve always enjoyed a pint with him

Hi everyone,
I have just logged in after a long time. I am glad I did especially after reading about the Sinemet which I am taking.
About alcohol I have not had any since I was diagnosed about 12 years ago. I thought i was would not able to but since then I asked my Nurse and he said I could, just 1 glass. Even so I still don’t drink.
Best Wishes Sharon

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Hi @skyblue :clap:

Welcome back to the forum! :blush:

Thanks for your advice on this and please don’t be a stranger.

Best wishes,

Hi Shane,
I found that a glass of good whisky in the evening before dinner helps my tremor.
I haven’t had any since I started on Co-Careldopa but it is time to buy another bottle of the local drop and repeat the experiment.
Pity it’s not available on the national health!


I’m on sinemet and don’t find that having a couple of drinks in the evening causes any problems.

Thanks every one :+1:

Still a little unsure, I mean I haven’t missed it since I’ve stopped as I hardly drink anyway - it’s just a social thing. Might see how I feel on the night as to whether I have one or not

Just a little bothered as feel more like my old self after so long and not feeling like me and it’s the meds that have done that :grinning:

Well I had three small bottles with three cokes chasers. Only issues is a slight freezing and finger movement on my right hand (none Parkinson’s side) which happens a little if I’ve eaten to much when taking my meds too. It’s a weird one that to say freezing and finger movement. But two of them move whereas the rest of my hand freezes. Only last a second or two :grinning: