Am i perverse in my feeling


red face First my appologies for my childish (HUFF) on the disappearing posts, mind you I did have a good excuse the post which was almost complete contained usefull info about many aspects of parky  and ways of fighting back, so anyway its gone so I am using a different tack I will post in the relevent section , the subject I need to talk about in this section is OCB  , and the focus of my obsession is my wife,my feelings both loving and sexual are very strong and becoming stronger by the day,the worst effect these increased Libido feelings is I am becoming very watchfull and jealous , and there are two other worrying  sides to this , first the sexual feelings are not reciprocated , love yes but passion no,a few days back we had a pleasant time but as I expected it couldnt possibly  continue as it was beyond my capabilities, and my beloved knows this so we are back to platonic mode,and now we just content ourselves with the  love we have for each other and I have no other choice but to hold back the very strong obsessiveness mainly because the are not needed, and also I  , well nothing works, so we do actually feel closer now we have settled back into the routine life which is normal for us, I still have those very extreme thoughts with no possibility of acting upon them except in my dreams is this feeling of, well sexual predator,, for my wife as a result of the Duodpa Carbidopa intake, all I know is Nature can be  very cruel at times and I do feel  perverse.

                                                     Regards  Fedcool


I don't think you are in any way perverse. I think strong sexual feelings are entirely normal. I understand that it is frustrating if  you are unable to express your feelings properly and that the drugs just make the cravings/obsession/frustration worse. 

Are you able to talk to your wife about it? Are there any other ways to have fun together? Is a bit of self help an option?




eye roll Thank you EF for your concern, unfortunately my Lady will not converse in any way shape or form this tricky subject, the brief virtually microsecondlike,stiring, no  nanosecond stiring of passion was a one off if you pardon the description, I know I CANT WINas my own systems have shut  down, so what we have is a situation where I have very powerful lust for my still very attractive wife, some of the feelings are, well extremely extreme, if you pop to the Library and ask the Librarian to direct you  to the extreme sexual perversions section, and there you will find, a well thumbed hardback  penned by a Sex Therapist by the Name of Frederick Fedex,yes thats right my cuzzin, he is 101yrs old now but was 41 when this eminent work was produced,and as    

explicit sex goes, 50 shades of grey looks like Having tea with TELETUBBIES  THE BOOKS TITLE well I know you are all going to think what a strange family and please dont be offended by my zany humour, EF  its the only way I can handle this SAD SAD Situation, as ELTON SINGS IN SORRY SEEMS TO BE THE HARDEST WORD,, so having appologised in advance, the book is called,, wait for it, wait for it, you will have to form a disorderly thats not right,,kew,,nope queue, thats the one, you will have to be at the Libe by 6.30am if it opens at 9 or you  will simply not experience the amazingly crude rude disgusting perverted  outrageous filthy sexualobjectivity, and thats just  the  FOREWORD, and or the language of the Librarian, so the Book is called,( 1000 000 ways to turn  your wife into a world class sexual predator) and I know there are a million, as we tried every one, I cant say more on this as my CUZZIN  is no longer in the land of the lucid spending his remaining days in the Twilight Home for the bewildered,in Morpeth  Northumberland shame really ,but I remember EF, his pearls of wisdom uttered while his thought patterns were still those of a person of high Intellect,,,and not those of a earthworm, he would say things like, "Nah thin yung  fed" he lived in yorkshire, "  Nah thin yung fed, alays think on yersel, a WET BIRD WONT EAT SAND" and " Alays wachooot as theres manyaboot", I must admit I did not quite understand that last one,anyway EF , my mate used to drive a ERF. sorry  sorry, as I WAS about to say before I rudely interupted myself, my goodly angel lady will not talk about my SAD SAD SITUATION so I rely upon my friends on this Forum to talk to as if I TRY IT ON well lets put it this way two starving T REXS and a dozen Velociraptors would have no chance, so what do I do where  do I TURN.

                 My BEST MATE has offered to assist my lady, but not me whatever can he mean

                                                      Sleepwell EF and all who read this also



cooleek Dont worry  I AM NOT going to bore you all to death,I just thought you would like to see my new  optimetering devices purchased yesterday (FRIDAY) The Ray Bans were free,yes folks the very must have fashion accessory and a must for any  flyer,, well I dont now   but I did were completely freeee  yes?? I only had to pay for the, Variable, oh I CANT REMEMBER, you know they change  from clear to dark depending on sunlight  and they were only £855.98p they knocked 2p off as I have parky,, so yousee or  I SHOULD SEE HAVING new specs, there are bargains to be had, just remember keep your wits about you, I always take a small tupperware box with 10 or 20 wits  in when I GO SHopping.



       Hello Friends

                       Parky is cruel, when I was well. or last well enough to function, to carry out the job I loved, walk 10 to 14mls a day, I walked  38  mls of the Pennine way in three days, through Northumberland and the scottish  borders me and my friend Chris and his  Brother in Law, we began at Thirwell castle, through Housesteads Roman  Fort, and on to Wark our first camp, if you think the  midges in scoland are bad try  walking through Wark, it was like a fog but a midge fog, I LOST OVER 1 GALLON OF BLOOD to the little well I say little, these creatures from hell were  about half a inch long and any exposed area of skin was viciously attacked, It almost made us give up but we did not and soon the following day we reached Blakehopeburnfoot and Cottonshopeburnfoot where a very pleasant  very beautiful in fact ,, young lady took pity on  the three bedraggled absolutely sh///??ED complete strangers and invited us to stay on her small campsite, which we did I SLEPT LIKE ALOG,, can anyone tell me who ALOG was,  a Roman soldier, or a Viking perhaps thy would engage in their favourite hobbies Raping and Pillaging around these parts, , well you have to  have a hobby, why didnt they choose golf or flower arranging, or building  model Aircraft, I  mean its not very friendly is it raping and pillaging,, Im digressing again, So after a hearty Brekfast supplied free by our very attractive host we moved on using  the old drovers route passing Windy Gyle and onward to Kirk Yetholm in the Scottish Borders, which has a excellent Hotel which we utilised that night,, I WAS VERY TIRED but I had achieved, and now I cant walk 10 yds, I cant make my models as my limbs wont be still i  cant  be passionate with my Lady I cant do my  Job I cant sleep I cant stay awake I cant DRIVE, and so on and on, but i  can still take  photographs and I am going to start a photography course soon which will give  me a qualification  so whenever your life is full of cants,,(,remember thats cants ), there is always something you CANDOO, OR kandue if you are POLYNESIAN.

                              HAVE A GREAT DAY MY FRIENDS            FEDEX

big grin

               Hello the title of this post doe to have attracted much interest,so I will offer anyone of three persons my ticket for the first trip to the moon and back I won the amazing prize at the TOWN MOOR Fairground by splattering very small clay ducks  moving  in line, with a air rifle engineered to miss, I didnt and still dont, miss that is.                                 any  takers


I opened this subject because I wanted to have a look at other peoples opinions' on their meds causing obsessional behaviour, gambling and problems with over or under sexually needs.  On gambling, I am being  VERY strict with myself as I was starting to spend much to much money on scratchcards.  I have been out shopping a few times, seeing what I fancied and buying it.  It did make me feel good but I can't go on like that as I am retiring next March and will need money to pay the bills.

I'm a bit embarrassed talking about sex but I'll be grown up and say that in my anxious state, I constantly turn the offer down (from my husband) of having sex.  When I am aroused I think it's going to make my anxiety worse so shun away.  I need to agree to my husband's needs some times because I love him and want to make him happy but I am none too fussed for myself. 

And what's all this got to do with medication - I do think that something in my meds make me become a lot bolder in how I go about living my life.

All the best - Casie


 i think bolder is a very good description , i do not have any issues  or get embarrassed talking about sex and before i started pd medication always had a healthy  interest in sex  but since i started Madopar that interest has almost certainly heightened but not to a degree where it becomes obsessive or compulsive  and i  would certainly say i have become much bolder than i once was ,


Have you read 50 shades of grey lol ...i have winkroll on February myself and a friend are going to Amsterdam for a couple of days for some sight seeing , cheeky


  Hello Shell, you are a very very naughty girl, CAN I COME WITH YOU,  I have taken my wife to Amsterdam hoping to re awaken the total  nympho feelings she used to  feel and which I took advantage of, but alas my attempts to lure her into one of the many sex shops, cinemas, and live sex shows all failed, and we have reached the sad situation where we are still in love but as friends, I do want her so bad, if she was not so nice to look at or i could shake off these extremely powerfull lustfull feelings it would be BETTER for the both of us.

                I hope you have a great time in A MSTERDAM, I do envy you your attitude to sex is  how I WISH  MY lADY WOULD  try the same frame of mind.

                                     Best of the bestwishinglyseximoedliness  FED


Doctor's havent told me anything about the side effects of the drug's, so as always it seems i have too educate myself ere,  i did read the paper that comes with the pills about impulsive and compulsive.

I'm lucky i have never had a interest in gambling.

I did buy my self a comfy pair of trainer's and felt guilty.

Under sexual side effects i chuckled at 'persistant abnormal erection' smiley.

i hope the only obsession i have is regaining the love of Angling.

I'd go too amsterdam, but only for the massive carp lol.

Tut tut Fed  i am going to Amsterdam for the tulips and windmills and there yummy pancakes , that's my excuse and i am sticking to it  angel

  I have been many times to Dam and it is a  very cultural city , there are certain areas of Amsterdam that you go there if you choose to go there but there relaxed attitude to sex is quite refreshing we brits could learn a lot from them

sea angler ......'persistant abnormal need for viagra then surprise


Hope you all had a good laugh at my expense.  Some people are shy and find it difficult to talk about matters of a sexual nature and it takes a great deal of courage to be able to say how you really feel.





No one's laughing at you Casie too coin a phrase, 'we're all in the same boat'.

As sea angler has said no one was laughing at you in any way or means cassie , everyone is different  some are more comfortable talking about sex than others , i was merely saying that i personally have never had problems talking about it ,

There were a couple of jokes made with regards to my trip to amsterdam and sea anglers comment about drug side effects from what i can see the replies were in response to that, i am sorry you feel you were being laughed at Cassie  but that was not the case as sea angler quite rightly pointed out we are all in the same boat  and sometimes humour is really the only way we deal with the difficulties we are faced with on a day to day basis

I think you guys in the Northern Hemisphere need to get out a bit more cool

Anyway, the trouble with discussions of this nature appears to be everyone reverts to school kids behaviour.  I am very happily married and it has taken significant adjustment.  Sexuality is not just a physical act but has far reaching emotional issues. 

I have had issues with Parkinsons support group males who obviously find hyper sexuality an issue.  I do not give my mobile phone number as I am concerned my daughters will open my messages and find the inappropriate photos that some guys seem to think i really need to see.

Really it is hard enough being taken seriously and finding forums who are able to discuss these SERIOUS issues!!! 


I am sure there really are those out there who really do need some info.  For voyeurs etc, I am sure you know the sites that are more appropriate.




Well, I certainly put the 'cat amongst the pigeons',  If we are all in the same boat, can it be a luxury ocean liner please.




Hi Casie

I do sympathise with all those people who these meds affect in this way. I feel lucky in a way that even though the meds I am on is a DA (Ropinirole) I have yet to have any of the obsessive and compulsive behaviour problems as well as any extra sexual feelings.


Regards Sheffy x

I think discussions like this are important not least because it educates people about the possible side effects of Parkinsons medications also its worth pointing out that they are also disinhibitive making conversations that would normally be awkward to be more easily discussed. I dont feel ever its anyone who uses the forum intention to laugh at others merely to learn and educate....................Paul


 A very excellent and muchly good morning to all of youse,

       Casie sweetheart, no one on this Forum ever laughs at another persons grief sorrow sadness or embarrassment,least of all in the sexual aspect, my wife and I over the last year have  had our ups and downs (pun intended) but now we are stronger and although sexual activity is curtailed by the treatment I am recieving for Prostate cancer, my life has always being this way, I just get to he situation where I have a very good looking very sexy wife, and we have the possibility of endless fun and games , when I am informed by a seemingly scornfull consultant that I  CAN ONLY HAVE IMPLANTS as I cant stop my body moving due to Dyskinesia, so Radiotherapy is out of the running, Chemo is also not a option as I would have to diconnect my  DUODOPA, and cease all  intake of anti AAA, OR TRIPLE A over the target,, sorry ssorry Casie sorry I TRY NOT TO MENTION THE WAR( 2ND)   as it tends to knock me off  subject, as I was saying, so guess what the implants contain, OESTROGEN   Casie, oh  I am amiss, in completing, the treatments available, as I said I CANT HAVE CHEMO as  I would  have to stop all my parky drugs,as this would paralyse me  1000% obviously that is another route unavailable, so we come back to the Oestrogen treatment which is holding the big  C  in check which pleases me but it has the nasty side effect of well there is only one description powerful enough, an that is  chemical castration,in other words, my lady is no less attractive or shapely or sexy, or seductive, and she is believe me,I am  completely shutdown in that department, not only  that My body is as smooth as a  box of smoth things, any way sex is impossible, I am however adventurous and have always satisfied my lady and we are trying other means with some quite pleasing results, and the more my wife tries these new toys,, ooops !  slipped out there   sorry pun not intended, I suppose my message to you  Casie is if the drugs are making you feel the need,,then try and inject a element of fun into your behaviour it does work , in my case I get the tremendous sense of joy when my wife almost lifts  the roof off in her enthusiasm and appreciation, and I am happy with that, unless SOMEONE KNOWS A BETTER WAY

           Answers on a post,,,,,,,,,,, My very best of the best wishes Casie to  you and  your  lovely family, my email is available if  you need to chat                  FED

     Morning Shelly, I composed a long mail for you earlier which was informative and I am sure you would have found amusing re-- your AMDAM visit, but for reasons unknown it decided to venture off and explore our galaxy to say this really Ps me off is a GALAXY SIZED UNDER STATEMENT,  I am going out now with my dear wife, she drives with all  the skills of a pipestrele  (bat) so say a little prayer)