Anti Depressants

My 74 year old mom has Parkinson's and suffers very badly with anxiety and depression. She hit an all time low on Sunday and tried to take her own life. She has been in and out of a mental health hospital over the last 2 years and has tried a few different medications,  Mirtazapine, mirtazapine combined with Escitilopram and most recently Duloxatene.  None have worked well.  Does anyone have any experience of Venlafaxine or Sertraline? Or can anyone recommend an anti depressant or therapy that has helped? I know everyone is different but mom is terrified about how any medication might affect her Parkinson's and I think it would help to hear a recommendation or a good reviews from someone who understands Parkinson's.  Thanks in advance.....

I would contact the PUK helpline and ask to speak to a nurse. I'm sure they can advise which ones are OK to take and those which are not advised for PWP.

Good idea, thank you :)

Hi Trixiebelle,

I'm so sorry to read how your mom is struggling.

As benji says, please feel free to ring our helpline. Our trained advisers - including Parkinson's nurses - would be happy to talk to you on 0808 800 0303 (Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm).

Best wishes,

Ilona (Moderation Team).

Sertraline has helped my wife a lot

Thank you, that's good to know

does anyone know if you can take any anti depressant with Rasagiline ?

Only Mirtazipine according to the chief pharmacist at outer local mental health unit.

All others run the risk of causing Seratonin syndrome which can be fatal.


Been prescribed 14 tablets 15 mg is this ok ?

Hi Loopylou

For many years I have been taking 1 x 1mg Rasageline in the morning and 1 x 250 mg of Trazadine in the evening. Plus,of course, many other drugs. 

I hope this will be helpful 

all the best - Casie

I take amitripyline with my azilect but please do check as this was a risk taking together as i was very bad off time but working really great for Azilect was a add on also entacphone to my original meds

Thank you 


I have had PD for ten years. The last 12 months have seen the condition deteriorate more rapidly than the previous 9 yrs. I am 50 now, diagnosed at 40. Pd has changed absolutely everything, I can no longer even stand up. Pd is going to affect mom physically, mentally and emotionally as a result of the physical changes, and chemically because of the physical changes in the brain.

I had become prone to emotional breakdowns, particularly during the last 6-8 months. I was resistant to taking any anti-depressants because of the stigma, however rationalising the situation, I justified their use because having pd means you are chemically deficient.

I started taking Sertraline a few months ago, and have to say that for me they have brought the emotional instability under control. The first 7-10 days on them actually made me feel worse, but I was prepared for that. One thing I was afraid of was being 'drugged' or tranquillised. Sertraline has allowed me to stay completely lucid and aware. You are completely aware of your problems, thought processes and feelings, however, it is just as though someone has switched the worrying part of my brain off. I am less fretful, and no longer feel weepy.

This is only my experience. I currently take Sinamet, Mirapexin, Apomorphine, Clonazapam and Sertraline, and it does not conflict with those for me.

Hope this helps, and that mom's going to be okay.



Hi chris i myself dx nearly 10 yrs i also got too the stage where my walking became non existing my pd was aggressive from day one i also take sinemet, dbs my nero added azilect & entacphone which as changed my life ,i also take amitripyline for nerve pain and also helps depression & sleep.

Sertraline works well for my wife, and for me. It does exactly what you say, without making you feel 'high' in any way it stops the fretting.

One thing for people to note, it can take a long time to work so give it time, up to 6 weeks

My experience with drugs for emotional stalbility have been nil.

What works for me is controlling myself and changing my thoughts.

I do feel better when Im on levadapa .

I get depressed (slowed thought pattern)when Im getting low on levadopa.unlike feeling fearful or anxious like most depression.

Today with constant strain most people suffer not just PD.

We soon learn the benfits of lbeing resistant to our toxic modern way of life today

My experience with drugs for depression was also nil. I fought against using them for a many years until life in general became almost impossible with the wife's diagnosis being the 'last straw'. 

I will say for me they have been life changing and I now can cope with the situation, I am once again able to support my wife fully with her PD. 

Everyone is different, but don't completely disregard them. Best to talk to the doctor if you are struggling.

Thanks Chris that's really helpful.  I will show mom and hope she will feel encouraged by the fact that this has come from someone who understands how she is feeling rather than a doctor.  I really feel that she would also benefit from meeting other people with PD because nobody else really understands what she is going through.  I'm glad you've found something that has helped you. Thanks again :)

Thank you, it really does help to hear from people who are going through this themselves so thank you for taking the time to let me know.

A word of warning about caused the death of my friend's father, when taken with other Parkinson's medication. I would NOT recommend it to anyone. Make sure your GP has all the facts and is up to date with current thinking about using this drug.