Antidepressant recommendation

Hi I wonder if anyone could let me know which ADs work for them. I take Levadopa & 15mg mirtazapine. They’re going to taper me off mirtazapine to see if it improves my head posture & stiff neck. But I don’t like the idea of the options that have been suggested (sertraline, venlafaxine, duloxetine). Would anyone be prepared to say what works for them? Thank you!

hi snowy I take Sertraline and works for me. It changed my mindset within a few weeks.
but it’s horses for courses really. good luck

Thank you. May I just confirm that it didn’t negatively affect your balance as another SSRI (Escitalopram) did for me (and so I was switched to mirtazapine). Thank you!

Im tapering off my meds - so far so good - i dont want to be on them long term as they change your physiology. Good luck

my wife is on deluxotine 30mg, seems to help, but the first dose might be unpleasant, vomiting spinning head.

I would suggest to consult with your PD Nurse or your PD Team.

Good luck

Thank you for sharing!

Hi Snowy,
sorry just seen your post. No it didnt get dizzy, i felt a bit queasy but passed in a week or so. I put a thread on here about antidepressants and lack Dopamine in the body. hope you got sorted

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Thank you!