Anyone else get this?

Over the recent few weeks I've been getting a tingling sensation down my parky side, it spreads down my leg and arm - then disappears. It's a really weird feeling. Does anyone else get this?:rolling_eyes:
Hi Ali P,

Pre Dx i'd get tingling sensation in the exact same position on my unaffected side that came up in goosebumps, this overtime changed and the place moved gradually down my leg, i was told it was probably a trapped nerve!! but still occassionally feel it now. Also get dead hands at night just by lying on my side, reckon that is neck related?

Since before diagnosis I have had a strange sensation in my parky leg and foot sometimes in my hand, have become acustomed to it, suppose it's just part of my PD experience. Not pleasant but I find feet up helps a little bit, but on the whole I just try to ignore it.
Hope the sensation disappears soon but oh well it could be worse. :rolling_eyes:
hi guys - i too get tingling in my hands and feet and dead hands at night - ecently getting tingling in nose and lips which is disconcerting ... i too am newly diagnosed - does anyone know ig this goes - not tarted ragasiline yet :frowning:
Just for the record I also have tingly left arm and leg.Twitches in lips and eyes and sometimes a strange feeling as if someone is doing my leg with a powder puff. I have been told it may be an overactive thyroid as I have a bit of a swollen throat but have not had bloods done yet.

I don't have Parkinson's (I don't think so anyway) However my husband also had similar before he got his dreaded tremor.
hi ali p

i get tingling in my finger tips i went to see my gp and she thinks its renauds disease which is circulation my fingers and toe,s go completley white mainley down my right side but the left has started to do the same thing (right side is the parky side)i thought it was the amantadine but the pd nurse at newcastle said not my gp thought it could be that she said she could give me meds for it but it would lower my blood pressure so i decided against it take enough meds dont need anymore, sue.
Hello Alip

I have checked my 'bible' re PD and according to Dr Ahlskog's book,he is a pd specialist at the Mays Clinic, tingling/numbness feelings are a side effect of PD

I get a tingling sensation on the left side of my back around the lung area, my pd began on this side, but I had the tingling/numbness sensation for many years before my dx 11 years ago. My neuro at the time of dx told me that it was one of the many physical things that indicate pd,I still get it a lot.

Hope this helps

Thanks for all the replies, nice to know its not 'just me'

Join the club......Tingles is a lovely lips tingle when Mrs Morph kisses me.......but like moon and stars my nose sometimes tingles as well. Left leg has been numb from hip to knee for years. I was told it was probably a trapped nerve at first........ I now know better. Mrs Morph quite often 'pulls my leg' but it has never improved the situation.

The best cure I know is laugh and carry on. No disrespect to anyone is intended, we all cope differently.


I'd like to sing and dance,

Given half a chance.

Now I simply hum,

It's nearly as much fun.



I agree 100% ......laughter - the best medicine (apart from l-dopa of course) lol

I spent the 60's and 70's avoiding drugs so I could ride my bike to and from rock concerts without killing myself.

They have now given me Madopar and Co-beneldopa. I am now making up for those lost years.

Every now and then I see wonderful things in the strangest places. The best of which was a pub toilet, which turned into Dr Who's telephone box.

Mrs Morph laughed so much at the expression on my face when I came out faster than I went in, she nearly wet herself. On second attempt, with her guidance, it was back to a loo. So I am now a legal junkie.

It's good to laugh.......Morph. x

Morph! That is so funny! big grin

I wouldn't have minded, but Dr Who told me to get out!

Just joking, it was merely an illusion with no sound.

I wonder if you can get stereo illusions with sound?!

If so, I hope I see AC/DC doing Rock and Roll Train. It could save me a fortune.

I suppose waking up to find Mrs Morph looking like Michelle Pfeiffer dressed as Catwoman is too much to hope for.

You never know!  

Knowing my luck I'd have a heart attack due to over stressful excitement and be in hospital for a week.

Either that or I'd see Norah Batty in wrinkled stockings and abstain on the grounds of cruelty to Morphs.

Before I die for making that last comment, I would just like to point out Mrs Morph is not in the Norah Batty mould. She is in fact lovely.......she can pay me later.

I think you 'just' got away with that one! Lol

I can feel the hot breath on my neck!

Oh dear lol

She who must be obeyed will be home any minute. Survival is 50/50. Mind you I bought her a Magnum ice cream, so maybe I'll get a gold star and a jelly baby.

In all honesty I fear no man and very few women........Mrs Morph in particular.

Football is boring the socks off me tonight.

Football always bores the socks off me.....sorry lol.  Tonight I'm celebrating (?????!!!!) being one year no football here lol