Arm bands

At a recent forum at Parkinson's UK, one gentleman said he would find it helpful if people knew he had Parkinson's when he is travelling around.
The carers group to which I belong pointed out that one needs to be recognized from behind if one suddenly stops through freezing.
I think a cyan armband would fit the purpose. It would also be visible if one were to fall.
It would also be great publicity for Parkinson's UK. The launch would educate the public to the problems of Parkinson's.
Needless to say people who do not wish to be identified just do not wear them
What do you think?

I think most sufferers would probably be against this idea. You might as well go around with a sweatshirt that says "I have Parkinsons". However, I do carry a card in my wallet that says just that. It also gives contact phone nuumbers should I have an accident or anything. After all, anyone with advanced PD is hardly likely to be out on their own.

I like army bands too, Marion.

The Welsh Guards are my favourites - nice bright colours, too.


I am sorry, but this brings to (my) mind yellow armbands

I agree that not everyone would embrace the idea, but then not everyone feels the need.
It would help people who fall, so that others know they have a health problem and are not drunk or violent. It would also help people who suddenly freeze and need a helping hand. I know several people in this category who go out alone

Hi Marian, welcome. Apologies for misspelling your name earlier.

Personally I wouldn't wear one in my locale - here it would be like carrying a neon sign saying EASY PREY, for the benefit of all the muggers, stalkers and other ne'er-do-wells. I might keep one in my pocket, though.


Hi Marian
I think a wrist band or bracelet with your details on it is a great idea. I carry a Parkinson brain bank donor card in my purse along with: debit and credit bank cards: nectar card: blood donor card: organ donor card : driving licence etc etc and I think when my time came and someone had to trawl through all these cards, my PD card would be missed.
I would imagine the wrist band or bracelet would be discreet and similar to what lots of people wear when supporting charities etc.
This is my 2nd posting as I don't know what happened to the first!

Hi Renee
I have obviously not explained the idea well. No it would not be discreet, because the whole idea is for anyone to see at a glance why you may be being obstructive and even that you may like help. The first suggestion was for a blue walking stick which went down well. However this is just another idea for those not wishing to cary a walking stick. Thank you for your interest and comment

Sorry Marian
I was thinking more of a wristband than an arm band which I would def.not like to wear myself and agree with Ray on that one.
Do you not think a wrist band would be suffice?

unbelievable didnt the nazi party have a similar idea!!!

they did indeed - during WW2 Jews in Greece, Serbia, Belgrade & Sofia were required to wear yellow armbands In 2006 Iran denied that Jews would be required to wear a yellow armband.
I do take the point Marian, but would prsonally prefer to rely upon my own ability to explain myself, & failing that , the kindness of strangers

Hi Marian ive got a card in my purse that says ive got PD but i wouldnt want to wear anything i also feel it makes someone more vunerable than they already are. Take care

I believe wearing an armband or something similar is a very good idea .

Anything that brings it to the attention of people who are not aware of whatit is like to have Parkinsons can only be a good thing . If someone asks what the armband is for dont be self conscious spend a little time to explain , because if the next day someone walks towards them wearing one they might step aside and so enable them to pass by more easily . As you would do if a blind person using a white stick came towards you ..

Cyan armband? Sorry, but that sounds to me a bit like a leper ringing a bell shouting “Unclean”. Personally, I would prefer to communicate with those who regard me as ‘obstructive’ by using the human methods at my disposal.

(The blue stick might come in handy.)

Good idea! An armband saying "LEPER" would keep them all away, and reduce supermarket queues!



Certainly people need to be better educated about Parkinsons but might not an arm band give the wrong message? Many people would think it is contagious (a bit like leprosy). Perhaps something a bit more subtle such as a coloured wrist band. An SOS Talisman, which is a pendant or bracelet containing ones medical details, is also a good idea.

I am amazed at most of the responses. Johnnie understands what I was getting at.
I am distressed at the way so many view their Parkinsons. It is a movement disorder, and nothing to be ashamed of. The more people understand that surely the better for everyone.

dear marion,
I am not ashamed of having a condition called Parkinson's. I choose not to wear it on my sleeve.I do not think an armband would serve as useful a purpose as does a white stick for a blind person. I agree thouugh that if some pwp feel safer by wearing one they have every right to do so

Armbands, some might like the idea of wearing them.
I am with AB on this one. The people that care about me know I have PD and if I choose to tell others I have PD I will, but not by wearing an armband .