Back and neck pain


Does anyone else suffer from chronic back pain across the middle of their back? I know it's all to do with poor posture and weakened muscles. I do try to stand straight, but the pain is so great, especially after cooking a meal. Also affects the back of my neck and makes my head feel too heavy for my body!! 

BB, your Eagle Brand Medicated Oil helps, but makes me smell a bit like a eucalyptus tree! Anybody got some good exercises for strengthening back muscles?




I get back pain after walking about 6 miles. It's clearly linked to my stoop (which predates my diagnosis 11 years ago), lean to the side (which I first noticed 5 years ago) and twist (1 year). I assume that they are caused by dystonia. I find that I get straighter after taking levodopa, and this causes much of the pain to go away.

Posture is the key, but that's easier said than done.



Hi John,

Impressed that you can still walk 6 miles. That's great. Three is my limit, on a good day and I'm only 4 yrs. diagnosed. Interested to hear that Levodopa helps, as I'm due to go on Madopar next week. Really hoping the back pain might ease, it makes me so tired. Many thanks for your reply and keep mobile!




Hi Twinks

I see a McTimoney Chiropractor every so often. McTimoney is much more gentle than the bone-cracking type usual chiropractic treatments. Doesn't feel as if he's doing much at the time, but it helps to straighten me out. I get a lot of lower back pain, mainly due to osteo arthritis. Costs a bit, £ 45 a session, but worth it. Recently he has been treating my stiff and painful neck, pain probably due to whiplash effect of several backward falls over last few months. It is sooooo much better now. He recommends the "cat camel" exercise to Improve back and neck mobility - lots of videos on you tube.

Best wishes



Hi Twinks

I've had back pain on and off for years following a fall down some stairs, but for the last year or so it's been pretty much constant, lower left back with spasms across the whole lower back which make me freeze until they ease off.

Have you tried physiotherapy? You should be able to get a few sessions on the NHS through your GP. Short term, some stretching exercises might help. If you visit the website for Flint House in Goring on Thames (it's a Police rehab centre) and click on the 'Physio' tab, there is a video of lower back / spine stretches. They may help, just try them and see.

I've also bought a foam lumbar support cushion online which seems to ease the pain when watching tv etc. I still get up very slowly to avoid my back going into spasm!!

Good luck!





Hi Supa and Richard,

Thank you for your helpful replies. Yes, I have had neurophysiotherapy sessions (6) and some of the exercises shown on the Flint House video, are the ones I already do. Just watched it, so thanks Richard for drawing it to my attention......will definitely be trying those out. I sympathise with you over your spasms too, they really are very painful. I get less of them now, since taking Chia seeds on a daily basis.

I do see a chiropractor, every 3 months, who specialises in people with Parkinson's and I feel great afterwards. She also does acupuncture on my shoulders and lower back. Charges £30 for half an hour, so not too bad. If I could afford it I'd go for a massage every week too!

Also wear a back brace from time to time, but don't want to get too reliant on that. I'm hoping the Madopar will help........reluctantly going down the conventional meds. route now. I suppose we all deal with our condition in whichever way works best for us. I just wish more people knew about Parkinson's and could get some insight into the psychological and physical torture it can cause.

All the best to you both. I hope you can manage your pain and thanks again for sharing your thoughts.






Hi Twinks...I also get awful painful neck, shoulders and upper back and my GP who is a qualified accupuncturist gives me regular treatment also i do exercises every day given to me  originally by a physio. I was very interested to read about the Chia long have you been taking them? do you cook them or add them to your food? hope you don't mind me asking but i would like to try them, would it be best to get them from a health shop do you think? 

thanks so much

Dolly x


Hi Dolly,

Sorry to hear you're a fellow sufferer! It's no joke, is it? Good that your GP can help by doing acupuncture though.

I've been eating Chia seeds for nearly a year now. You can get them from health food shops, but I buy them online. (much cheaper). I just sprinkle a teaspoonful on my cereal every morning, or add them to a salad, or you can put them in anything really. If you put them in a drink, they will swell up and become quite thick, so it's always a good idea to drink plenty of fluid when eating them, or they could clog in your oesophagus. Why not google it and find out more. They really have helped relieved my constipation, cramps and muscle spasms.

Good luck!

Twinks. x



Thanks so much Twinks, i will have a good read about them. Good to hear that you are benefiting by them. 

Best wishes 

Dolly x


I get shoulder and elbow pain every night.I have walking difficulties and have tried stroke rehabilitation for 22weeks but improvements in my mobility are very small I have vascular parkinsonism .waiting for a physiotherapy appointment.I am 71 years of age.


   Hello twinks

I have  recently suffered agony  beyond  belief with  a  trapped  nerve but  that  is  not  your  problem  methinks,  yes  the stooping  posture PD inflicts  on  us  is  more  than  likely a  big  contributor ,  I chose  Acupuncture for  the  ache,,2yrs  ago,   and  just  had  to wait  for  the  nerve  to   reset.      can recomend  AP  though it  works well                                                          Regards  Fedexlike   FED


Hi Fed, yes I read your post about how your trapped nerve got better. Hope it stays untrapped! Since starting on Madopar in June, my back pain is a lot less. I still get some shoulder pain (right shoulder...affected side), but if I press my fingers into the top of my arm, it goes away. In fact putting pressure anywhere on my affected arm and squeezing hard makes it feel like the muscles are working properly again, instead of feeling like a heavy lead weight. Does that make any sense? My PD is not the tremor type, but slowness of movement and dexterity, all down my right side. May try acupuncture.......can you get it on the NHS?



Hello Twinks,, 

Sorry to hear you are suffering with back pain as you know I get quite painful joints myself hence the heat rub as you said the massage helps but is not affordable weekly have you possibly looked into having this treatment at your local university or college as the students training in this need people to volunteer to have massages so they can qualify its been suggested to me we could get this at a good reduced rate.


Never know could be worth a look.


Lots of Love BB xx




Hello Twinks

  Yes its available  in vhs  sorry  NHS and  it  does  work  when  I t was suggested to  me  I  thought  cobblers ,, but I agreed to  a 4 week  treatment in  my right  shoulder ,, this  was 5yrs  ago and it  never  came  back until I  am made  to sleep  on  my right side  by  necessity due to  the Ddopa pump being on  that  side, I  am due  any  day to  go  in  for  the  tubes  of  this  device changed  this  will  only  be  a  day  job  so im  told but  knowing my   luck they  will  probably  take  a leg and  a  ear  ?  the  latter  only  on  loan  ????lend  me  yr  ears??  so it  is  pain in  my  right  shoulder coz  im  always  leaning on  it.

                                                     Peace  FED


Hi Twinks....i have just read your post and like you i have had awful pain in my shoulder particularly the right side, again the affected side. this has been going on for at least 7 years. I was sent to an Orthopeadic surgeon, plenty of physio, Hydrotherapy and finally found it was one of the symptoms of PD, though i was not diagnosed until 2013. The shoulder pain went across my back between the shoulder blades, into the neck and my head always feels heavy and woozy, down the arm and now into the hand which is quite stiff and goes rigid at times. The shoulder eventually froze up completely and was excrutiatingly painful and so i had an op called an MUA (Manipulation under anaesthetic) that gave me back much more movement but as the years have gone on the pain and stiffness is my worst symptom. My wonderful GP is a qualified Accupuncturist and every 4 weeks or so he treats me. He and i can feel straight away the release of the muscles as he inserts the needles, it is almost like a popping feeling. Occassionally he has had to cancel and i reallly notice the difference. I find that has been the only treatment to help me and afterwards i can actually turm my head to the right quite easily. Sadly none of it lasts long but i would recommend trying it for yourself....we all react differently but i would say to make sure that you find a reputable qualified person to treat you. I am very lucky that my GP does not charge his patients but to be honest i would pay for it helps me. 

I hope this info helps you.....and that you soon get some relief Twinks

Best wishes

Dolly x


Hello Dolly

                        Have  you  spotted  my  beatles quizalike  in  creative,,,have  a go  only Sheila has  had  much  success  with  only  2  wrong have  a  look  I  bet  you  will  crack it



Hi Fed,

I see I've now taken on Sheila's identity! Hope she doesn't mind. Lol ( it was me got 2 wrong)!!




SORRY  SHOULD  HAVE  NOTICED Im  sure  no  offence taken.




          You know I said the pain in  my lower back and left  thigh  had  eased, then ceased altogether , well its  back and  yesterday my  Consultant  consulted  me or one  of  the  Nurse Specialists  did and  asked me  to attend  the PD clinic  today at 2.45  which  we  did ,  and as  my  walking  any  further  than 2 or 3 yds   is  impossible  beloved  piloted me in  our wheel chair into  his  office causing much damage to  the   furniture  en  route,and   I was  informed I have  a  serious possibly  dangerous  prolapsed disc  which as a  result  of  my  condition  (parky) may  exclude surgery,  hmm,  bugger,  its  most  unlike  Mr  Lucky    Luck  to  visit  old  fed  these  days but  I am or  have been seriously battered  of  recent, however injections into  the area  are a  possibility  has  anyone had  this  done   and  how  long  does it  last  re  killing  the  pain  either   way  It  seems this is  going to  be  a  rush  job  maily  to  ease  the  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhgonising pain obviously  but  also  to  prevent losing  the  use of my  legs  which  is  occurring  now and  again,,also PD is  worsening   making   the pain worser  ?? Prostate  symptoms are playing catchup ,old  Dee  Pression is  also  chucking  his £2 coin  into  the  pot  (  yes £2 , brexit you  know it  was  20p)  and  to  round  off  I am becoming very  deaf, as  is my  lady,  we have   some  peculiar conversations  so    if  you  reply   can     you  type a little  louder  please,,THANK YOU




Hi Dollymaz and Fed,

Thank you Dolly, for the info and advice about acupuncture.......very helpful. Sorry to hear you suffer too with pain. Since being on Madopar (July), my pain has thankfully got a lot better. If I stand cooking or baking, for any length of time, then I do get it across my shoulder blades.

Oh Fed, I bet you're FedUp. So sad to hear that your pain has come back and the possible reason is a prolapsed disc. You sound in how do you manage to keep your sense of humour and make all your problems sound lighthearted? This friggin' disease has a lot to answer for.

I can sympathise with the deafness, as my right ear is totally blocked with wax and putting drops in has only made it worse. I get a certain pleasure out of the snap, crackle & pop going on in there though. And no, I didn't  put a Rice Crispie in my ear! My deafness has come at completely the wrong time, as I am the Prompt in our village pantomime and opening night is tonight!! Cinderella had better make sure she hears the clock strike midnight, 'cos I might not!


I hope this typing is loud enough!