Bbbad t the bone +dysky==


             Hello all

                                To those rockers out there old and young , if you have PD and slightly mismanage your Madopar intake and then have to suffer the frustration of Dyskinesia try this, go on You Tube and type in  BAD TO THE BONE     b y  George Thorogood, yes yes I kid you not thats the guys name, you can also include the Lyrics to this exellent hard rock, this song was used in the Terminator movies, turn the volume up and the effect is amazing, the deep thudding beat kills the dyski stone dead, it  fine tunes it out of my head, try it and see if it works for you , it also works with     JUMP,,,,by another excellent rock group VAN HALEN  also STATUS QUO,  E L O, BLACK SABBATH any group that has that mesmerising heavy thump thump beat seems to do the trick,  so tomorrow this born again rock fan is off to buy  some black leathers blacker than black Raybans, hell I might even buy a Harley, oh   and a TERMINATOR HAIR CUT , my wife used to like wearing tight black leathers, she knew the effect it had on me,unfortunately when I finally persuaded her to try them on again after last looking very sexy at a Biker meet 11yrs ago, they were just a lttle too tight but it was great fun trying to shoehorn her curvy shape into them, she is now on a strict diet,, self imposed.

            Give it a shot, its good fun              Bestist of Wishyness             Fed


Wow the neck is looooooooooooooose FED, ha ha. Seriously i enjoyed that he can certainly play that guitar. I find Arthur browns "FIRE" sorts me out, i remember chucking myself around the dance floor to that when i was young free and single, now i don't chuck myself but can still "Boogie on down" My faves were Deep purple (saw them in concert in Brighton) the music was so loud and throbbing that i passed out and found myself in North street having been carried out and missing the end of the concert!!!eye rollAlso i enjoy still ....Cream and Led Zep brilliant.

I didn't manage the leathers except on the back of a Triumph, but my Dad had no idea about thatwink!! Memories ay? you have stirred them all up again...cheers for that Fed

I'm off now to get the Madopar and Status quo......keep rockin matey

best wishes





      Morning Dolly

                           Fantastic to hear it worked for you, I will be getting complaints from the neighbours  soon as I play my heavy rock, they will be thinking I have gone back to my youth and I have I suppose.

                                 Keep on rocking Dolly                 Fed

Hi Fed,

Rock On! You aren't alone. I too am springing back in time. I retired from gigging long before PD cam along but now I have a very original exercise machine in the bedroom - an electronic drum kit and headphones.OK, I can't manage my old Keith Moon licks these days but for the short bursts I do manage a coherent pattern I feel 25 all over again.

As I said: Rock ON!



            Morning Banjo

                                 Its good man , rock on,,, ehhh I think thats what you say?  I was trying to learn bass guitar in a group at school, but although I had no idea what it was, I was diagnosed with meniers, which caused  viscous vertigo vomiting and numerous other horrible things, so had to pack that in, when I think back I have been suffering from one form of serious illness or another from 17yrs old I am now 63, should I have some sort of award, a FIGHTING FED award maybe, thats 46yrs, yet Ive ploughed on and have had so many jobs I cant remember them all, and still I dealing with hostiles PD  PROSTATE CANCER AND SEVERE DEPRESSION, the last one is hardly suprising, were we made of sterner stuff back then, as I know I will be fighting all the way with no respite  yet it doesnt seem to bother me, strange?

                                     Kindest Regards    Fedbig grin


               coolGood  morning  Banjo and Dolly

                                      Lovely sunny day here in Northumberland I  want  to draw your attention to something and any other of our brothers in arms,, Go on you tube and type in  The Parkinsons Brain , its truly  fascinating also there are a few pages on how music is theraputic for PD ,and I swear I had no knowledge of these pages I came to my own conclusions about the benefits of especially HEAVY ROCK, LOOK IT UP GUYS its fascinating£££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££  sorry I just  felt like being silly, off to the coast now, its sunny but cold but I cood nutGIv a fleyein f>&££k as I feil gud this morn so there hav a grate day youse, Mad Mick Mc Fed of Clan Mc Fed 

           Its a very exciting ride with my wife (in the car)  my fingers are down to the bone ,, pray for me.

                                                    Fedbig grineye rollcoolraybans

Hi Fed coolRayburns!!!!!!!!!!! Well what a video.........i watched through squinted eyes to be honest, but the results were amazing weren't they? i am sticking to heavy rock at least for about you? Pleased you have enjoyed your day and feeling good......and had a good ride with your wifewinkdid you have a paddle when you got to the coast?

We live near Brighton and enjoy walks along the it is on the flat and not too difficult, and always a good pub or cafe along the way to sit and take in the view.......when i think back to my teens i used to think nothing of walking from  Hove to Brighton and back with no shoes on and a couple of cow bells round my neck!! remember those days Fed? I would love to re-live the 60s. it was the best time. 

Keep rockin' matey......and enjoy!!




Hi Dolly,

I had to smile at the image of bare feet and cowbells. I recently found an old photo of me in my Afghan coat and beads. All I could recall is the awful smell of that coat. Oh, heady days.....

Banjo (John)



                 Morning All

                        I walked from Hastings to Brighton with my Mother in  64  it wasnt  planned we just wandered along enjoying the sun (not available at  that time in the NE) shopping and talking to the very friendly locals, my Aunt and Uncle were with us  they lived in Hastings,I remember a Large scale working steam train on the beach at Hastings, also a very fast speed boat from the pier, my cousin had a fish and chip shop in Harold RD and my Aunt and Unc had a fruit and veg shop nextdoor, such happy days Dolly, spirited away in minutes where is time leaking away from, is the time pipe fractured if so someone get a time plumber as the remaining allocation is disappearing fast , I remember Brighton clear as a bell  , mind we got the train, oh no it was the bus back.

                             Lovely to make your Aqaintance  Dolly and Banjo its nice to make new friends.


Hi again Fed,

in my youth I also was a seaside boy. I was born and raised in Margate. These days I do my walking along Cleethorpes sea front. Hey-ho.

Banjo (john)

Hi Fed and Banjo....My life, you are both bringing back so many fab memories to me. The smelly afghan coat when it got wet was like ..........well what was it like ? like a wet smelly old dog. my ex-Husband wore one and a white Turkish that didn't stay white for long, then ripped patched jeans and clogs, hair down to his shoulders...what a look!  Margate was my Mum and Dads stomping ground, in the tunnel of love at Dreamlandwinkmy great gran lived there and so they used to visit her and that is where it all happened....whatever that was ay? ideaDad took us there for a day every year and we used to love the sandy beaches, ive not been back since he died 16 years ago, i expect its changed a bit has it Banjo?

Wow Fed that was one hell of a walk wasn't it? from Hastings to Brighton i guess that wasn't bare foot!!! I like Hastings we try and visit there every summer for the day...though the hills seem steeper every time. I like the old Town with the museum and good fish and chip shops mmmmm.

Mods and Rockers in Brighton in the 60s...My Dad knew i was easily led! and as we then lived in Hove "Actually" where nothing ever went on, i was banned from going into Brighton in the evenings in case i became a whore or a junkie! that is what Dad believed didnt happen in Hove of courseeye roll!!One evening my mate and i decided to go past the "PEACE" statue that separated the two towns, and go on the pier and have some fun, how would Dad ever know? i had to be home by 9.30pm !!and there he was standing at the door looking stern, and asked me what was i doing in Brighton.....i lied of course and said i wasn't and for that i was kept in for 2 months!!!! yep really. I assumed he had me followed but no......i never found out until many years later when he told me that i had guilt written all over my face and that he had called my bluff!!!! 

That wasn't one of the happiest of memories but it was a great evening on the pier!wink

You are so right Fed, where have all those brilliant years gone? groovy  times

looking forward to hearing your memories ...both of you and anyone else who remembers the 60s or not !!!!

warm wishes Dolly


Hi Fed and Dolly,

my best memories are of my weekends thumbing to London once a month or so to see a band. Pink Floyd, Lad Zep, The Who, ELP and so the list goes on. I was born just at the right time as far as I am concerned. I suppose now I should start buying Shaking Stevens records, if you get my drift.


Good morning Banjo.....Shakin Stevens? you might as well give up now! lol......

Like you i enjoyed the concerts and remember seeing the WHO at the Brighton Centre, and running in to get nearer to the stage, mind you by the time the show had finished i was nearer the middle as everyone was dancing and jumping around and i was quite small so got carried along on the wave. Also a lot smoked in there and you had to avoid getting a ciggy in your eye!! Sadly Moon the Loon had passed by then so i didnt have that pleasure, did you get to see him?

Have you seen Quadrophenia and Brighton Rock and Tommy of course? Yep like you say Banjo, we were born at the right time and i wouldn't change any of that great era......Rock on!!wink

Have a GROOVY day!eek

warm wishes



Hi again Dolly,

it would seem I'm a bit older than you. I saw Moonie twice. The second time was when they toured Tommy at Wembly. Fantastic night.

My best memory of all the bands was Pink Floyd performing The Wall at Earls Court.

my first ever Rock 'n' Roll live was Tommy Steele in 1958! Oh dear, so long ago, where has all gone?

Keep well,




Not much older Banjo...i am 61 going on 18!!!!!idea I would love to have had that experience of seeing Moon the Loon and Pink floyd terrific. Something you will never forget.

I did see The Beach Boys, (though i heard them more as i was stuck behind a post)!!!! Genesis and Jethro Tull, Phill Collins (love his music) Lindisfarne at the suite Brighton and really digging up the relics now....Dave dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch !!!!! one lunchtime when i should have been in college......naughty galidea

Why is it when we go on holiday i can dance for England? the more i do the more i want to.......then the next morning wish i hadn't!  lol  

Life's a Gas wink

Dolly, Dancing I don't do! I have two left feet and I tend to stick my bum out - so my wife loves to point out. My excuse is that having spent most of my life on the stage playing for other people to dance I never got to do it myself in order to learn. Now I'm 60 plus going on 90 I can't be bothered. I'd rather go ten pin bowling.




        GO ON YOU TUBE  and see brilliant youngsters mal and female playing rock music, the Cajun and Accoustic cover of Dire Straits Sultan of SWING,   Juliana Viera, and a youngster called JOSH  doing Black Betty,and may many others,,,MAGIC

                                                          fED OR EVEN Fed

Those youngsters are absolutely incredible aren't they? what talent did you see little Zoe Thomson age 7 playing Guns and Roses...Sweet child of mine? she would be about 10 now and even more brilliant i'm sure. I enjoyed Juliana Vieira she really is superb....a natural i believe she is from Brazil.....not sure. Good to see youngsters playing instruments.....My Son plays piano and guitars and now he has left home i miss hearing him play upstairs although most of his instruments are still here his Dad and i have no idea how to play but i admire anyone who can.

I did have a right handed Spanish guitar when i was a kid and i am left handed!!!!complete with a book by Bert Weeden (remember hiim)? it was called play in a dayeye rollyeah right! i had it for approx a year and couldn't play a single think i could have been the next Joni Mitchell or Joan Jett lol idea


Hello Dolly

                  Those youngsters had the talent to play like that the day they were born, some lucky people just have it built in, and not a optional extra which most of us have to put  up with, I was learning to play Northumbrian Pipes when 13 to 16, but they are complicated pieces of kit and my neighbours kept reporting me to the RSPCA   apparently they thought I had a cat torturing business, then my mate who was a drummer in a half decent band tried to teach me how to play the ,,,,,wait for it????  the penny whistle, I couldnt even master that, and you could train a squirrel to play one of those so my music career fizzled out, but oh how I envy those brilliant kids, I went into the motor trade car body repair, I met my future wife when she had damaged her car ,she was 19  and I was 16 and a little too advan ced for my age and when beloved walked into the workshop I could see there was absolutely no damage to her body,little did I know that 19 yrs later we were seeing each other and after asking her to be my wife 2oo 000 000 times she finally agreed, I have never made a better decision in my life she has a lot to put up with at times, when parky hits and I have my Terminator Head on, and she brought my two daughters up , I just wish we had tried for a child ,she was a great Mother and a real Lady, and her body work is still   ,,MAMA  MIA,,if you get my drift. well I am off to get something to eat then bed.

                                        Kindest Regards Dolly                    Fedcool


               Hello Jolly Dolly

                        I hope you dont mind me using the middle handle of Jolly it just seems to apply to you somehow, I mentioned  in a earlier post that my Mam and I had walked from  Hastings to Brighton, well it was Eastbourne , not Brighton, though it is easy to get mixed up when a youngster, we did go to Brighton the next day, but by bus , it was travelling to Bton we boarded one of the new Leyland Atlantean they were the first buses with the engine in the rear end and were the state of the art in62  I was amazed at the semi auto gearchange, no clutch, and chatted away to the driver who was very kind and allowed me to stand next to him on the  trip imagine trying to do that now, anyway I had a great time down your part of the world had three  fantastic hols there, alas only my Aunt Thea survives , everyone else is gone. I have another Aunt who is mega rich and old Fed used to be her favorite Nephew, and still am apparently, she lives in Weymouth and is 84 lives in a huge rambling house, its a bit inconvenient  as you never know where you are going to be  when you wake up in the morning, as the old rambling house has rambled 15mls north, used to be a BU???R TRYING TO COAX IT BACK to Weymouth, ??????????????Ill get me coat.

                                   Have a great day DOLLY   there are more Beatles clues  on that thread.

                                                      Fedbig grincooleye roll