Bbc 1 .inside out

parkinsons  paul mayhew- acher goes in search cure for parkinsons 7.30 pm bbc 1 .7/3/

just took the words out my ,,hands .looks interesting..

i thought really interesting the different ages of people & very great time slot bbc 1

This was on BBC 1 South but anyone can watch it if the have iPlayer.  This is the program referred to in the BBC breakfast show thread.

Copy from that:

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As promised here's the link to the programme on iPlayer:


Thanks for sharing the link, Kendo. And if anyone doesn't have iPlayer the programme will be repeated on BBC2 in April, so there will be another chance to catch it then. I'll share details of this when I have them.

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Just watched it via  the iplayer & shared to my facebook page, Not a bad effort but no mention of Younger diagnosis.

Just watched it on I player. Found it quite good but some parts actually made me frightened of what's ahead.

Im glad it highlighted pwp , would of prefered a longer more detailed programme, showing slightly younger as well.with respect to all .

Yeah I agree but at least it's a start .hopefully more viewings on pd will come

I saw it advertised on BBC breakfast, it took me the rest of the day to realise I (BBC Scotland viewer) wasnt going to see it ( better together indeed ). 

Lunch, review later.

I thought it was a good reflection on pwp their trials and attitudes for a half hour documentary.

wasn't  that worth the wait?

Ooh! Dinner.  



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The documentary 'Parkinsons's: The Funny Side' with comedy writer Paul Mayhew-Archer will be repeated tonight at 11.45pm on BBC1 in England and Wales. I know this is quite late so I'll also post the iPlayer link tomorrow for anyone who wants to catch it on there. I saw it the first time round and it's definitely worth a watch!

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Will it be shown in Scotland?

No, we are getting snooker, or a debate about europe ( like we,  the Scots,  have a choice ) if you have SKY channels  952 through to 968 are showing it.  If not you should get it on iPlayer on your PC/tablet/etc the following day. I got it on iPLayer the last time it was on, and that was a job and a half, finding it. I mean we Scots \9\in the main) pay our licence fees.  I'm having to shell out for the Rangers Hibs match tonight while BBC scotland were showing Crystal Palalace vs Reading Rushden and Diamonds United only  the other week. Dont get me started on the BBC..

eekAwwwwwwbig grin

And folk wonder why a group of us still crave independence. 

Awwwwwww is right, we've had 300 years of awwwww. It would be interesting to find out the average number of seconds given to Scottish football before,during and after the referendum 


True for before and after.  But during we got a nod of acknowledgement. Only during breakfast news by the guy that's cr@p at anything he tries , like John Noaks. 

Try locking onto Norwegian TV signal.......its quite close to you and hey .......its free!cool

Far from being free, that motorised dish cost a small fortune. AND its surrounded by wall to wall smut. It's an eye øpener, I can tell you I'm ditching my licence fee. 

And there was more Scottish football news. Nørwegian, Ronnie diaper is quitting Celtic at the end of the season. 

A superb shout.  

Alba gu bráth.