Benefit cuts


can not get my head round this ,i am on esa support group do the cuts only affect new claims on just esa wrag



esa wrag at the moment Gus

I am in the support group as well, if we get re assessed i cant help thinking that the goal posts will have been moved. I don't trust the government one bit. And i will be applying for and start the ball moving on Pip on monday, At a meeting in feb for working age PWP  a support worker who i chatted too thought i should be on PiP already and with all i have been though the last few months it has altered life for me, i told her i would think about it over the next few months, I didn't want too be greedy, but Friday morning how i woke up made my mind up for me, physically & mentally.


Hi Gus,

I'm sure other members will share their experiences with you, but if you'd like some benefits advice our Helpline team will be happy to help. You can call them on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm and Saturday: 10am-2pm. Hope this helps.

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Sea angler

Remember ESA is just to live on. Pip is to cover the extra costs of your health condition which ESA certainly doesn't cover. You are not being greedy, don't let the negative media get to you.


yes Gus the cuts fall inline next april but it will still effect us because we will not get the rise with inflation we would have got.

IDS has a lot to answer for and if I manage to get another meeting at Westminster I am going give them hell. especially as IDS has not quite because he is a weak t*** whom cannot face the music.


thank you all for your re-plys,i see ian ducan smith has resigned that says alot i am still on the old dla i was surprised to hear sea angler you are not claiming any you deserve it more than some people i know



I do get esa support group Gus.

I would be content with just that, but this illness is now gripping and moving on so biting the bullet i'll need it to still help give me 'independence' in some resemblance of normality now and in the future. and continuity in that i am supported. i hope. we'll see what happens, i hope the government comes to their senses in which direction they are going.


you need to be in pip to take some off your money problems away and lead a calm life as stress is no good for you.


I'm on pip I got it at enhanced rate living and mobility but only after a mandatory reconsideration !  And only for 2 years?   Don't know what they thinks going to happen in that time maybe I will get "better" or something but as I have LBD with Parkinsons I don't really think so , still I can live in hope but will probably die in dispaire ! LOL 

  Live well. Cc



ive set the ball rolling, spoke to my support worker and i have appointment with her & when the forms arrive they'll be filled out for me, she did say many are turned down but won on mandatory reconsideration or appeal, so i can but try, it is a CC says we wont get better unless theres a cure or a new wonder treatment arrives, that may be some considerable time.

we have to wait and see what happens this week in Government, with IDS & osbourne, i keep sending emails to my m.p even if she never replys.


Why, if you require an aid to go to the toilet or get dressed, mean it will be harder to get PIP?   I am still on esa support group and dla. I am still paying off crippling debt because of DA's. I heard the government have done a u-turn on cuts, which i would find impossible to deal with. 

you just get the feeling they're trying to make llife as stressful as possible for pwp. It's taking me all my time to keep up with all these tla's ( three letter acronyms).


Just been informed I "achieved " no points for my assessment!, is that a record?


yteyt You have your points for support esa, so I can't see you having too much problems with pip. I found it a lot easier to cope with. Everyone was helpful, which worried me hearing all the stories! From application to award took less than 3months. I am sure you,ll be OK.


Jakeb that's awful,, get some support, and appeal. It's not fair when you don't feel well enough that you have too. Feeling for you


More the norm, I fear. You get these ex security guards, asking loaded questions. And if you can lift an empty cardboard box, you can do a 40 hour shift down t'pit


yeah your right eck,watched news & they have down a you turn on disability & welfare cuts ! your be fine sea angler remember to take photos of meds & aids it goes a long way ,they like pictures as they cant read !

Hey all you have to answer all the questions as you are on your worse posdible days because the rule is it is not that we have this condition bit is how it effects us that matters. BB



my support worker sent me a sample of the pip form with questions supplied & explanations by PUK, my first impression was I cant read it cos i cant process it in my frazzled brain so i dont understand it , that's one way it effects me on any day of the week. ill make notes but ill def need support to word it in ways im no longer able to in each section because each section does effect me daily life or mobility and some of it is embarrassing

I've been watching this afternoons debate it seems they've dropped PiP For now, but didn't rule out future cuts And are going too have new convosations??? in how they'll get more disabled back too work, which seems to amount too the same thing as bringing about a cut by taking more out of benefits?. how do they do that? if those who have been already assessed as unfit to work?. no reversal on esa wrag group.

Has anyone else watched what do you think?




Where can you download this sample form. The government cheat and lie all the live long day with a little duplicity here and a downright untruth there. 

I heard they drop their pen and ask you to pick it up. If you do, your not only a very. nice person, your also fit for tit'pit. 

Thrn they ask if you've any pets. If that's a yes. Your down tit'pit. 

Then they ask how you've arrived at the appointment    If you don't say "by hearse" it's down tit'pit. 

Then ...

I have had a pip assessment and i believe their is some scaremongering going around. It also depends on weather it is atois or capita doing the assessing capita done mine and if you live more than a 1hr journey away by public transport you can insist on a home assessment. Their was no dropping pens parlaver they done the usual movement test like how well you can generally get around and asked me to show them if i could move my head from side to side and up and down. If they ask you to do something that you know will hurt tell them and dont do it. Like i said earlier you show them how you are on a bad day if you happen to be on a good day only we know how we feel so good day or not you show them what the bad day does to us. BB.