Berlin on a Bike

Well some of you will remember that my boys and there friends are cycling 75o miles from London to Berlin on the 9th june
to date they raised 1,900 and still rising! so any support you would like to give would be welcomed!! just giving berlin by bike!
Four days to go before the 'berlin-by-bicycle' boys set out from London to Berlin, their origional hope was to raise £1,500 for Parkinson's UK for research they are now through the £2,000 barrier and now aiming for three thousand.:astonished:

So much love and best wishes to Craig;Matt;Dan and Sam!!! Safe journey:grin:

If you can leave a message of support or go to :sunglasses:

Thanks BJS
Well done to the boys for surpassing their fundraising target before even starting off!

I hope the trip goes well. Do send your boys our thanks.

And please do keep us posted!
good luck lads,your fundraising so far for puk is amazing,well done x:smile:
Thanks Enzinda and Alij for the good wishes the last minute preparations are in full swing and today the bicycles get some final TLC!

Just another quick plug for the funraising [u]all monies[/u] go to PUK and despite the fact that the guys are students they are meeting their own exspenses!

[u]Well The Time Is Nigh!![/u]

Tomorrow morning at 9am my boys set out for Berlin! 750 milies an 10 days later they will arrive saddle sore an tired having completed an inspirational journey!

The current total is £2,205 and rising!!

In case anyone is in doubt I am immensley proud of them all

good luck agin from me lads,im rooting you all the way,wot a great cause:smile:

Four cyclist set out on route to belin this morning at 9am fom marble arch!!
Next stop dover an an overnight in Dunkirk.

The sponsorship is rising as we speak Go lads!! We will find a cure if enthusiasm alone was it we would already be there!!:grin:
:smile:keep us all in touch bjs

Well no mishaps so far they were on a tight schedule and made the ferry in Dover, tonight they will be wining and dining in Dunkirk ( or should that be whining?) no really they are doing well and all the training has paid off, fingers crossed for the rest of the trip and sponsorship going to reach £3,000 at this rate SO Proud!!


84 miles to do today! yeah if you want to see the intrepid foursome go to the just givin page:grin:
Well yesterday was hard sort of uphill all way got in late last night 9-30pm and the boys had rode into driving rain and a wind gusting 50 miles an hour! However while today is little better they are now in Belgium where they will overnight before heading for Holland!!:sunglasses:


yeah BJS lads go:smile:
Slight diaster yesterday two fell off but nothing a few plasters and a bath couldn't fix, off on the next 80 miles!

Thanks for keeping us updated!

I was just wondering, are the boys on Twitter?

I'm sure that the folks following @ParkinsonsUK would like to get updates as well.
Thanks Enzinda the boys are not on twiter but my daughter is an she will tweet their progress.

Celebrity tweets received so far include Graham Norton - they have retweeted the link so will keep the tweeters happy !

Tonight the boys arrive in Dorston Holland, tonight they hope to catch the football they missed it last night.
Gutten Arben Germany! :grin: Well the boys are half way there and have entered Germany, they are doing ok and arrived at the destination early!

Their journey has been mentioned on local radio,and we have received messages of support from the local branch for which we thank them.

Just 5 days left !!

Again if you have a mind Enzinda has enabled the link :sunglasses:

Have only just found out about this. Good Luck to all and I well understand your pride in their achievements.I will contribute/donate tomorrow.


i have graham norton on twitter he very funny,and he surports parkinsons so well.anyway yet agin lads im goin to say it,your half way there,your doin brill,keep going,everyone is backing you.well done x:smile:
Hard Day!

All up hill today legs aching muscles burning and other places sore! 500 miles down 250 to go! arrived late at hostel and guess what two adult beds and 2 children's!!! so now pillow fight to find out whose legs hanging out of bed:grin:

hopefully tomorrow be better day :sunglasses:4 Those who donated much love and thanks xxx total climbing daily.