Bladder and prostate issues, incontinence and possible surgery

Hi all,

I'm writing on behalf of my father, who is in his early 80s and very worn down by his PD. He's having major urinary issues: frequent urination, not making it to the bathroom in time, and waking several times a night needing to urinate. The latter has been happening for a few years, so he hasn't had a decent night's sleep in a long time and the exhaustion is destroying his quality of life.

We have an appointment with a urologist soon, but have already tried muscle relaxants, fluid restriction and other lifestyle changes to no avail. I'm starting to think surgery is the only option, but he's understandably nervous. Has anyone out there had surgery for bladder/prostate issues that affect urination, and if so could you please share as much of your experience as you're happy to? Pros and cons, whether it helped you, etc.

Thanks very much.


I suggest you look up "kegel exercises for men".




I too have had pd for a number of years, aged 72, lately developed bladder incontinence at night ( not really, just feel the urge every 3 hours and cant get to the toilet because of pd) I find Toviaz helps

and may give him more time.

I would give anything for another 10 or 20 years without incontinence. 72 or 82 may just be an ageing thing.60's is not!!

PWP may have interrupted sleep but not half as much as carers who have to deal with all that the issues that incontinence, especially at night, involves.

Real bladder incontinence is using adult nappies, protective bed sheets and pads and full  matress protection; and, despite this, daily washing of bed linen because even these measures are not enough!!