Books about Parkinson's Disease

(Sorry if this isn't the right place to post about this but I can't think where else to put it.)

Just wondering if anyone has any book recommendations.

I've just read "What your doctor may not tell you about Parkinson's Disease" by Jill Marjama-Lyons, which is quite well known. Has anyone else read it? I found it a bit dated but I think it would be useful for newbies who know very little about PD. 

Hi Tabbycat,

I`ve read several reference books about PD .

I wouldn`t recommend any of them though as all the information within is readily available from the web anyway.

I`ve just purchased THE BOOK OF EXERCISE AND YOGA FOR THOSE WITH PARKINSON`S DISEASE from Amazon. - again the information it contains is just a mouse click away but I find it more convenient to have a hard copy to hand.

I `ve always been an avid reader - I`m currently reading BLACK BEAUTY........what a dark horse he was lol.


I highly recommend Slender Threads by Pete Langman

Amazon stock it in both flavours (electrons or ink/paper)

You can read more about the book and the author here

I reviewed it here

I liked it so much I gave mine to my neurologist


Thanks for the recommendation, elegant fowl, I'll definitely look into that. (Nice review, btw.)

Jacko: lol

If anyone wants my copy of What your doctor may not tell you about Parkinson's Disease, I'm happy to pass mine on - free of charge (including postage!). 

@ elegant fowl - did you find writing the book helpful?

I find the most useful source of information right here on the forum. Here is the combined wisdom and experience of hundreds of "victims" and their carers. Otherwise, Amazon is a good place to browse for books on the subject.

Brain Storms by Jon Palfreman. He's a science journalist who has been diagnosed with PD so he looks at the condition from 2 different perspectives. It can get a bit sciencey in places but it is a very interesting read. I was recommended this book and I'm so glad i got it.

"Sciencey" is good, from my point of view! Thanks for the recommendation.

Sorry Tabbycat, I only just spotted your comment, Despite appearances I didn't write the book. It is a genuine coincidence that Pete Langman's twitter handle is @elegantfowl. I use the name Elegant Fowl on this forum but I am not Pete. 

Judging by other things he has written I think Pete did find writing the book helpful,


What a strange coincidence! lol

Apologies for assuming you were the author.

I found a book called   'You never miss the dopamine'  by  Bill Schmalfeldt an interesting read from the point of view of a PwP. I think he has written some other books too.


Having only just discovered e-books, I've just read 'Walking in Sand' by Garth Ravenhill. I wish I'd read it when I was first diagnosed instead of many of the somewhat dry and scary information books I picked up (which led to eating way too much cake). I'm no good at explaining things, particularly Parkinson's, to friends and this is a short read so I've pointed them towards it. First impressions are  that it's gone down way better than anything else I've passed on.  J 

I have just checked on Amazon books and all of the fourteen reviews were 5 star for   'Walking in Sand' by Garth Ravenhill...  There does not appear to be a paper version and I haven't got a kindle.  Is there a way round this as it looks just the job to show anyone you would like to explain D to..   

looks a really interesting read...I also don't have a kindle... but had a thought....can you download a kindle book to read via a computer?

Yes, just download the free kindle app for PC or Apple or Android device and sign in with your Amazon account to add books to read on any or all of them!



My daughter purchased 'Slender Threads' by Pete Langham for me on recommendation, unfortunately I can honestly say that I did not find it interesting or helpful at all, I could neither understand a lot of it. It seemed to be very 'bitty' in parts and seemed to jump from one thing to another, with doing that I could not stay focused on how PD affected the writer. I may sit down again one day,but it will be a long way off, and try to read it yet again to see if I can make sense of it, but my overall thoughts at this moment in time on this book are not good. I consider myself of average intelligence but this book made  me reconsider that!!


As a 'newby' to all this, I would also be grateful for any recommendations. Perhaps something not too hard going. I feel the need to read up on what to expect and how to deal with it all and also for my family. I've got an I pad so could download onto that or just buy the books. Either way, something to start me off would help.

I won't bother with the one you mentioned Sheffin as you weren't too impressed were you? 

Thank you,


Hi LEXI255,

I'm sure you'll get some great recommendations from other members. In addition to those, we also have some informative publications here: that you may find useful.

Hope this helps,


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As Jackson says above, Garth Ravenhill's 'Walking in Sand" is a really good intro -  a frank account by a young onset PWP but so much applicable to all age groups, short, easy to read, not too academic but still informative, with enough black humour to lighten the seriousness of the underlying subject. Available as Kindle book, only £ 2.23, so ideal for Ipad, using free Kindle app.


Don't rate it at all Sue, which was a shame as it had been recommended on this forum.I was really looking forward to reading it as well. I think Supa hit the nail on the head 'it was too academic' for me! Hope you find something to read, if and when you do please let me know!

Regards Sheffy