Breathing and coughing problems


Hi all,

I’m a Biomedical science student from the Netherlands and I have a few questions concerning breathing and coughing in people with Parkinson’s disease for my research. Breathing and coughing problems seem to be underestimated among doctors when treating Parkinson’s disease patients so I’m wondering how you experience these problems?

What type of breathing and/or coughing problems do you experience because of Parkinson’s disease (for example, pain when breathing or being out of breath faster than you used to or maybe your cough is less powerful then it used to be)? Maybe you do not experience any breathing and/or coughing problems at all because of Parkinson’s disease.

How big of an impact do these problems have on you daily life (for example do you avoid certain situations because of your breathing and/or coughing problems or do you sleep less because of these problems)?

Do you notice a difference in breathing or coughing when you are in “OFF” state compared to your “ON” state (for example do you experience more wheezing)?

Do you experience any anxiety because of your breathing and/or coughing problems caused by Parkinson’s disease?

I’d also like to know your age if possible and also at what age you were diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

This is not an official questionnaire but I’m just very curious what type of breathing and coughing problems people with Parkinson’s disease deal with and how it affects their daily lives!

Thanks in advance!



I am a 65 year old female diagnosed with PD eight year ago, have had a cough for nearly two years now. Annoying cough that can start at any time during the day (not much problem with it at night time with sleep) It is spadmodic, it causes my nose to run and my eyes to water, it can cause me to gag and sometimes be sick. I’ve had a camera up my nose and down as far as my throat but nothing was detected. I feel it has something to do with my throat, it usually starts with a tickle on the left side of the throat, this is the side I am effected with the PD. I was told by the GP it could be ‘silent reflux’ and was prescribed Lansoprosil , this had no effect whatsoever. The cough also effects my voice in that it goes more quite after a bout. I have now been told by the GP that he can not do anything more for me. I fail to see that he has done much at all for me! By the way I have no problem with my breathing.




Would you mind explaining the purpose of your questions .? You imply it is because you are “very curious” ?

What if anything do you intend to do with the information you obtain.

Research ? Members of this forum are usually those with PD or their carers.

I am unsure whether the forum should be used to satisfy people’s curioristy, it is a forum not a zoo.

Apologies if you have permission from pduk to do so or if I am being overprotective of a caring and supportive forum.


Never thought of it in that way Teehee, thought this Chris might be able to come up with some answers for me, cos at the minute no one else can! Clutching at straws!! Or living in (false) hope. :roll_eyes:


Current age 72. Diagnosed at age 72 (6 months ago). I do not experience any breathing and/or coughing problems at all because of Parkinson’s disease.


Hi @ChrisW,

A warm welcome to the forum.

I appreciate that you’re student, however can you elaborate on the purpose of your questions? Our forum is a place where people affected by Parkinson’s can share experiences, exchange views and support one another.

If you’d like information on research opportunities, please get in touch with our research team to discuss your research needs and they will advise you on the appropriate next steps. You can contact them at

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Sheffin, I got rid of persistent months-long winter coughs, triggered by a throat ‘tickle’, with 2000 IU per day vitamin D3. Check out slides 17-19 in my D3 talk

I never get ‘colds’ nowadays. UK NHS appears to be unaware of the USA and Canada results.

@ ChrisW It is well known that PD is associated with low serum D3 levels.Hope my talk gets you started on uncovering a link between D3 and respiratory viral infections.



Thanks PeterC, I will certainly look into that, very interesting!