Has coughing been an issue with people that have Parkinson’s?

My mum has had a random cough for years now, used to be thought of as an allergy but now for the past few months my mum has been coughing more frequent and according to her feels like saliva gets stuck in the throat/it’s dry cough feeling.

My mum has gone to the doctors, they said they dont know what it could be, last month they suggested it could be an infection, but after medication, the cough still continued.

The GP then suggested an x-ray would be good to see anything in the lungs but the x-ray did not show anything. The person at the hospital suggested an endoscopy may show whats going on in the throat – so she has that booked in next week.

After personal research online I found that the coughing is due to the muscles in the breathing process not working properly:

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Can this lead to the muscles in the breathing process not working at all and then suffocation?

My mum really likes strepsils and feels they soothe the sore throat.