Canabis oil

hi anyone tried canabis oil and were there any side effects

I have just bought some after seeing somebody’s post on facebook. This guy took it and after just 3 days his inner tremor had gone, anxiety gone and sleeping through the night.

I am a bit scepitcal about taking it as I have only recently been diagnosed and not sure I need it. However i have terrible insomnia and specifically bought it for that. Glad you made this post as some more feedback would be useful.

Also for your info the guy on facebook had no side effects. However I would also say if you take it and drive it would give a false positive on a roadsude test. Once a blood or urine sample was taken it would be evident that it was CBD and not THC

hi iddlestone thanks for update i to have really bad insomnia i,ve decided to try it for sleep do you take it am. or pm.hoping to get some
this week will let you know how i get on good luck with it ,please keep
up the posts

Not tried it yet, I am still trying to get my symptoms under control with my PD meds so I think I should at least stick with that avenue for now. However saying that I doubt they are going to help with my insomnia. All my life I have never liked popping pils into my body then all if a sudden with my diagnosis things have changed, its like a bloody sweet shop ha ha.

Still pondering the idea of the CBD oil so hoping to get more feedback before i dive in. Does that make sense?

i feel the same try looking up ride with larry and michael j fox foundation on youtube lots of info on there tho, might cloud your thinking

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I will keep you posted, I will try it at some point in the near future just not sure when.

By the way were did you buy yours from. I got mine online from CBD brothers, the blue edition product

not bought any yet but you can get it in holland and barrett health shops
will keep you updated

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hi just to let you know after talking to pd nurse started cbd oil today will keep you posted

Good luck, presume the PD nurse had no objections to it then? Slightly surprised at that, didn’t think those in the medical profession would endorse it

he never endorsed it but said won,t interfere with pd meds plus 2 of his patients take it and have seen lmprovements will let you know

Thanks for the update Pete, be sure to check back in later in the week. Particularly interested in the sleep aspects of it. It would be brill if it can help with insomnia.


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Hi Peter_corcoran,

I hope all is well.

You may have come across this already, but just in case you haven’t, you may want to read our blog post on ‘The case for (and against) cannabis’ here. Although we do not condone the advice given by your Parkinson’s nurse we at least want you to be well informed on the effects of cannabis.

I hope this information is helpful for you.

Best wishes,

hi Reah thanks for info i have read up on canabis oil i,m using oil from holland and barret and i,m only useing lowest dose mainly for insomnia in 4 days my sleep has increased from 1to2 5 to 6 straight through i,m hoping it will be short term if i can keep my sleep pattern to 5 or 6hrs

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HI Peter,

HAD A look at HOLLAND and BARRETT website,could you please tell me the name of the one you take

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hi Anne mine is cbd+ food supplement 240ml last nite only woke for half an hour best nite,s sleep yet so far still no probs.

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hi anne hope you are ok just to say slept right thro. last 2 nights

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Hi Peter

Is yours from CBD brothers? That’s great that you’re getting a good night’s sleep, makes everything else a bit easier when you’re not totally knackered!

Hope it keeps on working for you.


hi jayne i got mine from holland and barret you have to ask for it as it,s kept under lock and key cant believe how much my sleep has improved i only take 1 drop am and 2 pm about 1hr before bed

You have to do whatever works for You… didn’t know Holland and Barrett sold it, but I know now!

suprising what you learn on here should mention be careful if you drive after useing oil as it gets picked up on breathyliser test but as i don,t drive i,m ok