Canabis oil


Hi Peter
That’s great news I must get some this next week, there is a Holland and Barrett in the next town to where I live and we will be there next week,thanks for the update.
Cheers Anne


hiAnne did not get up till ten to eight today can,t believe it hope you spotted the warning about brathyliser


Hi Peter,
Yes I did notice the warning but like you I don’t drive either.


Peter, Thanks for the warning about driving, i get bus to work so would be ok anyway…


Hi Peter
Interesting reading your posts about Holland and Barrett, heard about this oil, I only sleep around 4 hours a night so would like to give this a try , asked when I was at clinic last week and got a nod to try it so I will order this week, fingers crossed it works for me too.laney it’s a low dose one at h and b.a good starting point and may be all I need.


hi laney glad you have found my topic interesting really hope it works for you keep me informed good luck


Hi Peter
Just ordered, should be here in a few days,and vitamin d 3 , here’s hoping , IL let you know how I get on .laney


hi laney good luck be aware if you drive shows up on breathyliser only thing i ould say is start on low dose


Hi Peter
Stopped driving around a year ago,do miss it but it was for the best,miss my sleep more thanks for advice can’t wait to give it a go laney.


Hi Peter

I tried the CBD night before last and it definitely made me relaxed. I didn’t sleep any longer than normal but that’s usually 6 or more hours anyway. I’m sure once I get back to work with all the stress I’ll be sleeping much less. I’m not sure if I used too much but had a really dry mouth next day, do you get the same?



Hi jayne i feel much more relaxed too i only take 1 drop am and 2 drops pm i get a dry mouth i can recomend sherbut lemon drops think i,m going back to my childhood ! guy in shop told takes a bit of time to get benefit


I’m a manager at Holland & Barrett, we sell lots of cbd oil for pain relief (arthritis), muscle relaxant (Parkinson’s), insomnia, and to increase appetite. My mother in law was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000. She now lives with us as she’s deteriorating quite quickly over the last year.
Cbd is from the hemp plant. We sell hemp seeds and hemp capsules too. Try it. It helps.
For information, it is now being looked into making it a “medicine” so will only be available on prescription and we will no longer be able to sell it.


Hi again,how much was your cbdoil please


hi Ann mine was 19.99 for 10ml about 240 drops not to bad if 9 is max per day


Thanks Peter that’s the one I will go for.


CBD oil , Holland and Barrett I now on offer at £9.99 went on sale half price, don’t know for how long, trying it tonight .


hi thanks for letting me know i,m in town monday hope it,s still on offer good luck tonight


Hi Peter
Can you order on line, sold out in my local shop,been a rush on, said it’s probably on offer for couple of weeks or more and getting more stock next week but it was available on their website.
Going to have 2drops tonight hope that’s right .Laney.


Ok, I got the purple ( hybrid) oil from cod brothers on Thursday . I took it on Thursday night , then Friday and Saturday ( morning and early evening) .
I’m completely convinced that it’s paying dividends.
I had a three day run of poor sleep , then Thursday , I slept through . Ok… I put this down initially to the fact that I was probably exhausted anyway.
Friday? Great day at work, felt calmer, tremor ( left hand ) reduced hugely.
Saturday … I woke early (5.30) took more cod and slept like a log till 9.30.
Went out this afternoon with my daughter, husband and kids and she couldn’t believe my mood , lack of tremor, and energy.
Early days , but WOW!
I’m hoping this continues, but it seems too good to be true .


hi laney hope your ok just got 2 bottles cbd in my local h+b