Canabis oil


how did last night go?


Hi Peter
Ah glad you managed to get some ,stock up while it’s on offer, last night had 2drops I think can’t see what I’m doing , didn’t like the taste yuk, slept half 11 till 3 awake for around 20mins then went off again till 6.50 so quite pleased with that,had a fuzzy head and took awhile to get my legs going so about 6 half hours that’s a good night for me, see how it goes.laney


hi Laney just wondering how you are doing and if youre still taking cbd


Hi Peter yes still taking it, night 4 tonight, averaging around 6 to 6 half hour writing them down so I can keep track used to sleep about 4 so that’s good start, actually feel more relaxed and less achy, hope it’s not me convincing myself, taking it till Friday,then stopping a couple of days an see how I am, Laney , you still getting a good sleep.


Hi Peter,a quick note to tell you I went for the oil today and the shop was sold out,but they aregetting more in on Thurs,the offer i s on till March 20th
The girl said they did not expect such a response.
How are you getting on with it now ?


hi Anne think everybody must be taking it yes still taking 2 drops am and pm left am dose off for 2 days but definatly feel better when i take it


I am back on the forum,I am taking CBD+ from H&B,and it has helped me alot.I as an ex nurse I was a bit concerned there was no info with it,however did research and decided to try it.pleased with results,better sleep more relaxed tremor on Left side of body better.
Anyone experienced side effects of Azilect?


Hiizzycat never heard of azilect but nice to hear someone in medical profession takes cbd feel reassured tho, my neurologist seemed ok with me taking it


Hi shakycatwoman

Pleased to hear of your experience with CBD. I am considering taking it myself. Can I ask about the dosage? I need the better sleep you mention.



hi Knine holland and barret recommend 2 to 3 drops 2 or 3 times a day no more than 15 i take 2 am and 2 before bed and am getting 6hrs.a night instead of 1or2hrs there are 2 doses i know of 2.7% and 5% lower one is£19.99 for around 240 drops


Thanks Peter, for the info. i know I can face anything after a good night’s sleep. I shall order some straight away.



I haven’t posted on here for a while, but I have to sing the praises of CBD oil. I get mine from CBDbrothers.

I’m astonished at how quickly the drops work. Within twenty seconds of using the drops under the tongue, the tremor in my right leg and arm almost completely disappear, and the stiffness recedes almost as quickly.

I now use this as a party trick in front of doctors.

What it hasn’t affected is the slowness, but you can’t have everything. Sleeping is much easier, because now I don’t shake in bed, much to the relief of my wife.


hi Mike i too find cbd oil helps with sleep but also my sense of smell has returned and can also taste some foods i get mine from holland and barret 5% wondering what strength you take glad you getting good results any posative has to be good


Hi Peter, I use the 5% like you. It looks like most of us can take something from this, and with zero side effects. What’s not to like?


Hi Peter, Island Mike and all,

I’m slightly confused., I want to try this oil as I have to try and do something about these severe narcoleptic headaches, which I get nearly every evening or late afternoon. My local PD team and my GP are at a loss to explain them. A surplus of dopamine in my brain is one explanation. Another is my high anxiety level.

Googling, I have read that Cannabis oil can be extracted from more than one type of Cannabis Plant.

One plant is Marijuana, which contains high amounts of a natural chemical called THC, which is known for it’s psychoactive properties.

Hemp oil comes from the Hemp plant, which is also a cannabis plant but contains only trace elements of THC but is rich in CBD, which has no psychoactive properties but does have definite medicinal benefits.

Both can be called Cannabis Oil.

I’m seeing my GP tomorrow and I assume he will be ok about me taking Hemp oil but not oil from Marijuana? Any advice or comment on the above would be welcome.



hi Jules mine is hemp based i get it from holland and barret (instore and online) there,s 2.7 and 5% i started on low but about to go on higher my pd nurse and consultant are ok with it as long as it,s holland and barret if you drive it will show up on breath test keep sweets handy taste not v.good hope this helps keep in touch


Hi Jules. I live around 80 miles including the ferry away from a Holland and Barret. I get supplies from, currently using 5%. Great service. Very quick.

Your GP should be unbothered, at worst you are only being a teeny bit illegal, so if you try it and if it helps you should be fine.


Hi Island Mike,

Thanks for your advice and information.
As you predicted, my GP, who has been my GP for 35 years was fairly unbothered about me trying the oil, but strictly off the record.
He did throw in the caveat that I should be aware of my existing medication.
So I will give it a go. Have to try and ease these headaches. My biggest problem is my mind finds it difficult to wind down.



I’m also interested in cannabis oil as my husband is getting so little sleep he finds it impossible to think straight. He also suffers from constant headaches that feel like a tight band round his forehead. Has anyone found the oil helps with this sort of problem?


hi Marita all i can say is i,m getting over double amount of sleep i was having some have noticed improvement in pain as for me i,m much less stressed than i was plus my sense of smell and taste has come back if only on strong smells and flavours i would say go for it !