Canabis oil


Hi Petec
How the devil are you .If I sound a bit sprightly it’s coz I am 10 hours in dreamland last night.
Just enjoying the sunshine before the government decide to tax it .
I’m entitled to a little rant as I’ve just received a water bill and where did the water come from THE SKY
I rest my case …Hope you are good my friend… Tommy


hi Tommy good to hear from you glad sleep is going well my mams not been good last few days she,s burst blood vessel in her eye and still down after losing dad in nov. doing what i can does,nt seem enough no news on pip assessment or monitor


Hi Pete
Don’t know what I can say about all that
Sorry just isn’t enough
I Sincerely hope you’re mums health improves rapidly
I’m sure you by being there is enough for her and her being there for you the same.

Grief is an awful thing to endure and any advice from me or anyone else for that matter is useless.
You and you’re mum have to find you’re own personal ways. .
And don’t get me started on Pip because they just make my blood boil.
Have you seen my light bulb moment on pip if not you can check it out by searching P.I.P. assessments.
It will tell you exactly how I feel personally on that nonsense.

Keep the faith my friend …Tommy


thanks for kind words means a lot


Sorry to hear about your mum peter,still not tried cannabis oil but I see it has definitely helped Tommy.
Hope you get word soon 're pip
Cheers Anne


Hi Peter hope you hear soon re your PIp .



hi Anne thanks for kind words seems i,ve made some good friendson here re. cbd if i miss taking it i really notice difference hope your ok will let you know when i here about pip


hi thanks babs listening to some people,s experiences i,m expecting a fight thanks for getting in touch


Hello Peter
Haven’t been in touch for a few days
Doesn’t mean you and your mum are not in my thoughts.
Hope this post finds you feeling well… Tommy


Hi tommy thanks mam seems to be over worst hope your still sleeping well
take care


Hi Peter
Sleep is still going reasonably well occasionally. I still become an insomnipathic madman but usually because I’m anxious about something
I’m in my pram now coz I’m getting new front teeth in the morning hope it doesn’t keep me awake .
Not the treatment but the bill can you lend me £1100 just until I get my memory back HAHA
Only joking I’ve paid it’s just coz I’m a jock .
Still I’ll get the cash back once I’ve painted myself with creosote and appear on the only way is Essex LOL

Must admit though I’m not looking forward to it.:syringe::syringe::grin::grin::pill::pill: Later mate … Tommy


hope you,re still smiling you may as well flaunt it especially at that price😁 i suppose it,s better than having to suck peanuts and chocolate to death


Hi Pether just awived home from gentist
new theeth took thanthasthic and worth every penny.
Don’t know why I’m typing like I speak at the moment.
Hey Peter do you think that the concept of the idea that the captain of the Titanic spoke with a lisp is totally unthinkable.
Best regards to you and your mum… Tommy


Hi Peter any news on your PIP yet.?

Hope this finds you coping x


Hi babs not heard anything on pip other than they wrote to say they have all info .i,m ok other than my legs won,t listen to my brain and go where their told to hope your ok and coping take care
Pete ps h and b will soon have cbd in cream form


Cheers Peter


Hi tommy howths the thmile looking? Hope itht,s not too painfull😃just to tell you h and b will soon stock cbd creamtake care


Hello Peter
Hope you and mum are in better health
I’ve got no tooth pain at all thanks

  I might try the cream as long as it doesn't come with a long nozzle in a preparation H style .
  Meantime I don't mind the dropper style .

I suppose it might come down to the price​:syringe::syringe::syringe::pill::pill::pill: Regards Tommy


Hi Peter how are you today?.
Hope all going ok for your mum.

I have not even tried the oil as my R A nurse told me not to be taking anything like that because I am on a biological treatment for my R A and carry an alert card.This could interfere with my drugs and make me ill.

When I read what’s on hear I would love to be able to take it. Also I take morphine so might not go.
Cheerio for now Peter.



hi babs sorry for late reply my mate has been painting my bedroom i,m okay and mam seemsbetter thanks kind of you to take time to think of us shame you can,t try cbd as a lot of us get some benefit take care