Canabis oil


Hi Peter
Hope this post finds you and your mum well.
Just thought I’d send you a post to let you know that I ran out of oil on Wednesday night and forgot to get more yesterday as it was my birthday and and was very busy.
Anyway had none last night and was put into my pram about 10…30 and kept trying but just couldn’t get off to fairyland and was back up going stir crazy by twelve for the rest of the night and couldn’t find the energy to do the shopping today So to me that is proof .
I told my usual GP i was using it and he was all for it .
Needless to say my supply shall be replenished today and hopefully normality shall return. I mean just look at my profile picture HAHA
Best of British to you and your mum
Forever indebted … Tommy​:pill::pill::pill::syringe::syringe::syringe::fuelpump:


Happy birthday for yesterday mam and me are ok thanks at least mam is better like you i forgot my oil last night and was in and out of bed so i,m convinced it,s helping me hope you got your supplies .thanks again for taking time to ask after us take care


hi tommy how,s the sleep going ? looking at your last image i,d cut down on oil and stay away from mirrors hope you and family are ok mam is lot better on the up hopefully i,ve been struggling a bitwith my legs and been a bit down but i,ll get over it wish pip +monitor would get sorted patience not my strong point
take care mate


Hi Peter (and other sufferers)
My mother in law was diagnosed with PD a couple of months ago. She suffers from terrible insomnia and anxiety and agitation, plus tremors and rigidity. She has just been prescribed madopar.
We have heard a lot about cbd oil and MIL is thinking of giving it a go. Do you (or anyone else) have experience of taking cbd oil with meds like maopar? Is it safe to do so?
And does it help with other PD sysmptoms?


hi steve i,ve found that my sleep has improved plus i,m more relaxed since taking cbd i would check with gp ot pd nurse before trying oil my neurologist is ok with me using oil as i buy mine in holland and barrets like i said check first


Hi Pete
We’ve been to H&B and bought a bottle of Jacob Hooy cbd+. MIL is going to give it a go. We will let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed.


Thanks for update Steve got my fingers crossed as well seems to work for lots of people only seen a few for whom it does,nt


Hi Island Mike

I’ve just being reading through this thread with great interest, and see you purchased your CBD oil from CBD brothers. I’ve looked over their products, but im a little confused as to which one to purchase with regard to the colour options ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


Hi Nicola

I use the Blue top oil, which is 5% cannabinoids but no THC.

Happy shopping!



Thank you :blush:


Hi Peter
Hope you and your mum are well as you can be. Had a bad night last night up all night but I am a jock and the dishwasher packed up so I had to buy another so it was probably spending money that was playing on my mind.I dropped a pound coin in Sainsbury’s today and it hit me on the back of my neck as I tried to pick it up.:moneybag::moneybag::pill::pill:


Hi Tommy good to ee your back with us matemam,s ok my legs are killing me getting monitor on wed so hopefully get to the bottom of what,s going on sleep well


Hi Peter
I’m much better now that I’ve heard from you and your mum.
Managed about 4.5 - 5 hours kip hopefully get a bit more but even if that doesn’t happen should still be perky enough for the day.
I’m getting leg pain too but not to your extent though mainly fatigue you know like walking up a really steep hill and some balance issues .
Last week I took a tumble straight over the child/dog gate and down the stairs and not even a little bruise to show for it. My wife wasn’t much help as she just thought EastEnders finished early .duff duff duff . Don’t see my nuero till August so no dx yet I might just simply be crazy
I don’t have monitoring i just count the number of ouches and put it in my diary very basic.
Anyway I’m rambling again hope you’re pain eases soon and Mam stays healthy as possible. Talk soon mate :pill::pill: Tommy


Hi Tommy just woke up like you had about 5hrs sleep think that may be it just going to make cuppa glad your back mate


Hi Peter
What a beautiful morning.
That’s me back home Yipee
Going to sit out in the garden today.

What’s the weather like where you live?
Say hello to your mam from me.
Hoping you continue to do ok.

I would be very interested to hear about your monitor as don’t really know what this is.
Will speak later. Bet your happy now that your pal Tommy is back.
Speak later Peter



morning Babs good to hear that your home hope your healing well it,s misty here but supposed to clear .pkg monitor is to find out if my meds are working properly and spread evenly or if they are part of problem with regard to leg pain and rigidity .yesterday thought i was heading towards wheelchair hope today is better i wear monitor 24/7 for a wk. Waiting for new battery to come for dad,s scooter he hardly used it told mates stay off roads when i,m out another lunatic set free😈 take care love and best wishes from mam and me


Hi Peter and Mam
My balance is getting worse just fell over again landed in the dog’s bed so no injuries
My wife came to help and said"Are you alright" what a question eh anyway I said " of course I’m alright I was just trying to break the Yorkie bar in my back pocket"
Hope you two are doing as well as can be expected.:pill::pill::pill::syringe::syringe::syringe: Tommy


HI Tommy are you sure your ok mam ok just woke up i have to say you do cheer us up on a serous note you need to tell the pd nurse lucky i,m not on bail as monitor ,s come off 3 times nearly done a runner but remembered can just about walk got my dad,s scooter going off to flatten some pidgeons (pie for tea) take care from
Mam and me


Cheers Peter
Last time I saw my neurologist he stopped my levadopa and said I’m ok.
But I just got that picture taken the week before. I know I’m no expert BUT! that head is not quite right is it,?


Hi Peter have not spoke to you for a while.
Hoping all okay and your Pd is at bay.
Keith and Tommy are meeting up today so will be interesting to see how they get on.
I am still recovering from my operation. .I will see my own Dr tomorrow.
Did your dad get out on his scooter okay.
Ďoes your mam manage to get out.
Tell your mam I said hello.
Will speak soon Peter.