Canabis oil


hi babs hope your recovery is going to plan mam says hello don,t know how to say this but dad passed away in nov. and his brother 6 wks later leaving me only 1 of 9 in family left with offence taken as you,ve proberbly not seen my early posts scooter is for me be glad to see wed to get rid of monitor hope your making most of sun as it,s v.warm here take it easy good luck tomorrow
Pete x


Hey Peter I am so sorry.
I have lost both my parents not good eh.
Anyway Peter you have to keep going Is this is a new scooter or had there been something wrong with it
Again I’m so soŕry for putting my foot in it I feel terrible.
Peter are you having good has been warm here but no sun.


Please don,t feel bad i,ve done the same thing dad had only used scooter about a dozen times he fell 3yrs ago and never used it again got new battery and some wd40 and now i qualify as pidgeon hunter :grin:weather here is glorious


Hi Peter
You are a busy man giving out advice on the oil and sleeping.
Well it’s looking quite dull here. Hoping we get some sun today.

What’s it looking like where you are.

Well Peter hoping you and your mam have a good day



Morning babs just got up not been in bed this late for yrs. it,s misty here but should clear my post on cbd has snowballed and now tommy,s calling me the sleep guru guess i,m going to be busy!!! good luck at doctors let me know how it goes mam still sleeping
all the best pete


The nurouligest i am seeing now saeys that pot would be benificial if legal here but she says for parkensons it has to be smoked to to get the benifets and she would not tell if i so indulged



Hi Ckendzierki
Your neurologist is quite correct no one
should condone doing anything illegal but the substance we are taking about on this thread has all the illegal stuff removed although it would show up if you were driving and were tested for any reason
Like most medication it doesn’t work for everyone my G P is happy for me to take this with my other meds he said whatever works for you is alright with him after all it’s available over the counter in a high street health food store all I am saying is I gave it a try for insomnia symptoms alone and it worked for me allowing me to get some much needed sleep and I would only recommend it for sleep issues alone .
Thanks for your reply and hope this helps … Tommy


Hi Peter
Hope you and Mam are well
I just received a post from Nettie who was trying to help her Husband get a good night’s sleep and she said he had the best sleep in years have a look it’s on the insomnia thread
I saw your post to Babswood and yes I do consider you my sleep guru but always a good friend first
Speak soon and love to Mam (not. You ha ha) :pill::pill::crab: Tommy


Hi tommy nice to know i,ve got 1 freind lol.seriously all of us on forum have problems it would be sad world if we could,nt help each other saw annette,s post glad it helped see you and keith had good day i,m monitor free pd nurse is calling for it in morning mam says thank s for asking after her she,s ok says glad your back on forum take care mate
Pete and mam


Hi Peter
Glad you’ve got your tag off now.
Tell Mam I would have sent my love to you too but I’ve been off the levadopa and sinamet for a while now
I do however have some size 8 stilletos and nice flowery summer dress for sale
And some stockings,chrome fittings the lot they have only been worn indoors the drugs didn’t make me that mad.LOL :pill::pill::pill: TOMMY


Hi Peter you have not been on forum in past few days .Hoping you and your Man doing okay.

Can I ask you Peter what drugs you are on for your Parkinsons I saw my PD nurse yesterday and she was saying maybe the next step for myself will maybe be a self inject pen or a tube going into my stomach and some device around my waist was wondering if this is what you are on.
Best Wishes Barbara x


HI Babs sorry news not so good maybe an idea to obtain 2nd opinion before doing anything .at present i take 3 sinemet plus a day 1 half sinemet cr at bedtime 1pramipexole mr when i get up and started 1 selegiline with 2nd sinemet plus on sat. New tab really upset me hence i,ve been quiet mam,s not too bad and says thanks for asking if i can help in anyway you know where to find me don,t be hasty


Hi Peter and Mam
Hope all is well I’m just posting this to you because I’ve received a message from you that was meant for Babs
Do you want to send it again or shall I forward it to Babs… Tommy :pill: :pill:


Hi tommy sorry not been myself since starting new tabs.mam is ok thanks would you mind sending it on don,t think i could do it again had treatment on back and neck tues had let it slip when dad was not so good paying price now hope you and mrs m are good thanks mate


Not a problem Peter hope you feel better soon … Tommy


Hi Peter sorry to hear you not fèeling too good.
Have you told your PD nurse

Will message you tomorrow to see how you are feeling.


Hi Don, t know how message went to Tommy glad you got it had no sleep last night so hitting the sac now be in touch tomorrow take care hope you sleep well
Pete x


Hi everyone sorry I have not been in touch for so long,had a few problems. I am taking Hempseed oil in caps form which I got from Lindens Health +Nutrition which helps,especially when tremors are not good.I take Sinemet plus25mg/100mgs in half doses 8 times a day,ok in mornings,but wearing off in afternoon is worse,interested to hear about an extra dose of Pramipixole.I am getting in touch with PD nurse today about it.
Does anyone take OXYBUTYNIN for excessive sweating from head,I do,not much help,so seeing GP Fri to see I can have Propanalol.
Stay positive everyone :blush::blush::cat::cat:


I, ve been taking cbd oil from Holland and barret for 6mths. or more now really helps with sleep and I, m much more relaxed than I was I take pramipexole 2.62 only 1 increase left so holding that back more worrying is I have fallen twice since Saturday no damage other than pride and confidence taken a hammering


Hi Peter and Mam
Do you like my new profile picture.
It’s my last brain scan and I don’t know about you but I suspect even an amateur could diagnose a problem with that.
But me and my neurologist don’t get along.
I suspect it’s because in the text poll they do after a hospital appointment I scored them all zeros.
Well if you don’t want to know don’t ask that’s what I think.
Regards to Mam TOMMY :pill::pill: