Canabis oil


Hello Peter,
Sorry to hear about your falls,frightening,do you know why you fell,where you indoors or out doors,did you feel dizzy or light headed?.Have a talk to your PD nurse.or see your GP,if you can get an appt!! It could be the Cannabis oil,I don,t know.
i take a range of medication for PD,my problem is"wearing off".I tend to function better in the mornings, so I go to Aquafit plan appts for the mornings.
I feel unsteady on my feet at times when out,so I bought a shopping trolley,I feel more confident walking when using it.I don’t want people thinking I am drunk,I,ve got a mouthful to put people right if I hear a negative remark.Anyhow keep me posted,get things sorted before you do yourself damage.I was not on the oil before I felt unsteady when out.
Stay positive.


Hi Tommy have you thought about having a second opinion must be more than 1 neurologist in the area


Hi all that seems to be happening is my left leg won’t move and as my balance is not great I keep falling thinking of getting load of skateboard padding lol just rocking my confidence which is killing me


Hi Peter and Mam
I have explored the possibility of a second opinion with my GP but he said that the option for that must come from my current neurologist and I’m afraid I’m not exactly his favourite patient.ce la vie
Anyway what about you it seems like you’re having a bad time lately and you are plummeting like a crippled crow I hope you start to pick up again soon.
Did you think my scan picture looked normal.
It’s just my way of trying to appear normal whatever normal is !!! MY MASK.
Take care my friend and guru TOMMY :pill::pill:


I’m not sure that is right when I had problems with my knee I was unhappy with the outcome of his treatment so I requested second opinion and got one check with local community health Council it, s free to use l, m OK except for the ankle thanks mam says hello and take care
Pete and mam


Well that’s what I’ve been told by my GP
I probably will get my second opinion after I’ve wrapped my chair round the neurologists face .
Take care my friend and regards to Mam TOMMY


Have you spoken to your PD nurse yet,maybe your medication can be looked at.
I saw my gp today as I suffer with excessive head and facial sweating which has got worse especially when I,m out for lunch,it was awful when on holiday eating with people I
don,t know very well,and lately its happening when I am with family and friends.I also get twitching with it… I managed to persuade him to prescribe them,and if they don,t work I may cancel the holiday…The cannabis oil helps but i can,t take that abroad…


Thanks for your concern my friend if I may be so bold to call you friend.
Anyway I feel were all part of one huge family.
I’m waiting for my own GP who has selfishly went on holiday
as I saw a locum last week who seemed completely oblivious to my problems
Meantime I’ll put my faith in the people on the forum to sort me out
Tommy X


Hello Tommy,
Nice to hear from you,many GP,s don,t know much about PD,to be fair there are alot they need to know about a lot of various areas of ill health.and a locum is probably not worth seeing.The forum,s are good as we all experience symptoms to related to the subject on the forums.If you have a good PD nurse , which I am lucky to have.My consultant I,m sorry to say is not so good nor was the previous one.I saw my consultant in June at my yearly appt I sat in front of him twitching as I do when anxious,and haven,t got my cannabis oil to hand .I was ok when I entered the hospital.
All he offered as he did last June was DBS,which I don,t want,I am not that bad,.
Keep on the forums ,
Shakycatwoman x


I also take cannabis, in the beginning it worked great, but slowly the tremor doesnt stop so easy as before.
Do you take beside canabisoil also other medicines?
gr roel


I take tablets for BP and sinemetcr, pramipexole for pd my biggest problem is balance and falling I was only getting 2hrs sleep a night but now with the cbd I have been getting 4/5hrs


Hi Peter just thought I would say hello.
Hope you and mam doing okay

Babs x x x


Hi Babs good to hear from you hope you had a good time and feel better I fell twice last week no major damage only now bruising coming out on my ankle left leg froze both times mam had heart scan today kidney scan OK missed our chats mam says hello


Hi Babs hope you are well was a bit worried as not seen any pots mam sends her regards
Pete x


Hi Peter and Mam

Sorry I’ve not caught up with you. I just can’t stop sleeping.
My eyes are constantly closed and find it so hard to open them.
Just hoping this passes.
What are you like with the falling.
I was sitting on the edge of the bed and actually fell asleep like this and fell out the bed.
My leg is just badly bruised.
Thinking of you both. X x x


Sorry to hear about you falling again my bruising is going but my ankle is killing me not felt like this since tore ligaments playing rugby :rugby_football: mam had heart scan wed waiting for appointment with cardiologist she sends her love and best wishes as do I


Is anyone taking Citalopram besides the CBD oil and does it have any adverse effect.? My husband would like to try CBD oil for his tremors but not sure because of taking Citalopram.


Hi ask your pd nurse I, ve not been told by my neurologist or pd nurse of any effects although they did stress I should be careful as to where I get cbd from I told them I only go to Holland and barret and they were fine but I would urge you to check first hope it will be OK for you to take as a lot of us are benefitting from it


Good Morning Peter and Mam

How are you both today. Mam you must be getting fed up with these hospital visits. Hopefully they will all be worthwhile. I am sure Peter will keep your spirits up.!!!.
Peter hope no more falls. That is what I’m hoping for.

Have a good day.
Love Babs x x x


Morning babs we are OK thanks hope you’re back to normal perhaps break was too long for pd as long as you enjoyed it though I wrote to Lfc to join disabled supporter group in hope for tickets it’s a long queue afraid to use :headphones: as new system is seriously loud :loud_sound: hope neither of us will fall anymore take care
Pete and mam